August 23rd, 2000

iCatch Mouse Adapter
Contact And Other Information
Manufacturer: Macsense Connectivity Inc.
Product Home Page: iCatch
Product Provided by Dr. Bott's
Description: Apple's Round Mouse Adapter
Address: 3350 Scott Blvd.,
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Price: US$9.99 from Dr. Bott's
Telephone: 800-642-8860
Fax: 408.844.0328
Requirements: Apple's Round Mouse (iPuck)
System Used For Testing: Apple iMac
Mac OS 9.04
Still Have An iPuck? iCatch Makes The Round Mouse Usable
by Nancy Carroll Gravley

iCatch Mouse Adapter


iCatch is a snap-on adapter designed specifically for the hockey puck shaped mouse that was standard equipment with all iMacs and PowerMac G3s (Blue & White) and PowerMac G4s until Apple announced their new "buttonless" mouse. While new iMac and PowerMac G4 owners will love their new mouse, there are still millions of the much maligned round mice already out there. The iCatch is an inexpensive way to make those mice usable.


Package documentation states that the unit transforms your iMac mouse in an ergonomically sound peripheral. Installing the iCatch is very easy and the simple documentation tells you everything you need to know.


Works with Apple's Round Mouse, also known as the iPuck.


  • Easy to Use - Snaps on and off
  • Available in all iMac colors, including Graphite
  • Helps Control the Movement of the Mouse
  • Shaped to Fit Most Hand Sizes

How It Works

To use this adapter one simple snaps it in place over the original iMac mouse, making sure that the operating button is exposed. It can be removed by unsnapping and the operation is simple enough for young children to do. Once in place, it functions as any other mouse.


I evaluated this adapter in a home with several adults and children present. All agreed that the most notable attribute is the instant control provided to the always slippery iMac mouse. The most often heard complaint about the iMac mouse, other than the round shape and size, is the fact that it so easily gets turned around in your hand. That problem is immediately eliminated with this product. A small piece of rubber like material on the small end of the adapter appears to me to contribute to the stability.

There was also general consensus concerning the ease of attaching and removing the adapter. This ease of use is very important when the iMac is to be shared by several family members. Children under 11 expressed their preference for the mouse as originally designed. It fit their hands better and this adapter was too large for them to use. Adults with small hands also expressed dissatisfaction with the large size, but stated they still preferred it to the original iMac mouse. Adults with large hands were full of praise and expressed no discomfort related to using the adapter.


This is a useful and inexpensive adapter that will meet the needs of most people who are dissatisfied with the original iMac mouse.

Final Score (Maximum Score is 5 Gadgies)
3.5 Gadgies
Pros Easy to use adapter that provides instant control of the usually slippery iMac mouse.
Cons Only available in one size.