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April 5th, 2000

[5:00 PM] Update Your Software Update Control Panel To Upgrade To Mac OS 9.0.4
by Staff

As a follow-up to our report earlier today about trouble with the Software Update Control Panel, Observers have reported vearying degrees of success during the afternoon. In addition, we received a note from Apple explaining that many users will need to update their copy of the control panel itself.

Apple writes: If users did not update their Software Updater Control Panel/Extension to version 1.1.1 they won't be able to update from 9.0 to 9.04.

We posted "Software Update 1.1.1.smi" on 01/27/2000


JD Mankovsky - "Those who win are those who believe they can."
Apple Computer, Inc.
Senior Systems Engineer
Apple Business Group

Aaron W. Uribe writes: I was able to use the Auto-Update feature successfully- finally. I did get the "No connection to the Internet" type errors a few times, but that really doesn't have much to do with the software working. I think that is more of a net/server congestion thing.

Anyway, after running the update program, it tells you that you that the updater has been updated and to run the installer again. This is very easy, just requiring another click. Everything seems to be fine after a half-day of working on the computer. The QuickTime and DVD Player updates, however, are separate. I got the DVD Player from an Apple link on and used the QuickTime updater to update my QuickTime app.

Aaron W. Uribe

Neil Roberts writes: I have a 7300 Mac with a 300Mhz G3 CPU upgrade card and about 150Megs of RAM.. and a few other things.. I have been less than please by upgrading from OS 8.6 to OS 9. However, the auto updater has always worked when I have used it.

Other than OS 9 appearing to be less stable, it is also slower than OS 8.6. I am still debating whether or not to accept the pain and go back to 8.6.

My two cents,
Thanks -
Neil Roberts

Larry Rymal writes: To your note regarding being unable to via the Auto Update control panel..... I was able to do this successfully during the afternoon of the fifth, at about 2:00pm central time. It just boringly worked. No bangs, no crashes. It just did it. Perhaps I was one of the few lucky ones?

--Larry Rymal

Geoff Rosenberg writes: I had NO problems downloading the os update using my software control panel, which I had previously updated to version 1.1.1 some weeks ago. I did have a major problem with the OS wiping out the functionality of my GEEThree Stealth serial port, which I have used flawlessly since it first came on the market.

After I had downloaded the software Os9.0.4, I then went to MacFixit to see what reports there were on it, and much to my chagrin the conflict with my serial port was reported there and hotlinked to a trouble acknowledgment on the GeeThree site as well.

Pat Henry writes: I had absolutely no problem down loading and updating with the auto update on 5 machines this afternoon between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM ETC. 4/5/00. What is your problem?
-- Regards
Pat Henry

If you are still having trouble updating through the Software Update Control Panel, make sure you head to Apple's web site and grab the update.

Thanks to all the Observers who wrote in! Thank to JD Mankowsky for the information.


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