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February 18th, 2000

[4:00 PM] Seven New OneClick Add-Ons Released
by Staff

WestCode Software has announced that there are seven new OneClick 2.0 add-ons, all available immediately at their web site. Each of the new add-ons require OneClick, and each will help simplify your computing life. The new add-ons are:

Recent Cleanup, v2.3 by Saint John Morrison

Updated version!

The "Recent" folders, created by Apple Menu Options, are great. Without digging through a tangled web of folders, you can go back to that program or document that you were working on a few minutes ago but which you inadvertently quit or closed. But its automatic nature sometimes works against it: The folders become cluttered with a dozen "Read Me" files, startup applications that you don't really need to find ever again, installation programs, etc. But Recent Cleanup can help keep them tidy and filled with aliases to important files.

NEW WITH THIS VERSION: Recent Cleanup no longer assumes that your folders to be cleaned up are all in the Apple Menu Items folder! This means that you can add cleanup buttons for the new Navigation Services:Recent Items folder, for BeHeirarchic folders, or what-have-you. In fact, you can use this to clean up your e-mail attachment folder from all those ".vcf" files that Windows users keep attaching!

Also, the palette is more graphical in nature now. Beta tester Mark Brethen made some good suggestions which were used to spruce it up. Some of the functions were also moved between buttons, specifically the scheduled cleanups.

A few tricks were also employed that will cause Recent Cleanup to take up less memory and disk space.

Requires OneClick 2.x +

Sequencer by Saint John Morrison

This is a simple palette which may be very useful, especially to those of you who need to take your Macintosh pictures and put them on a web site run on a Windows machine. It lets you change the filenames en masse to something on the order of "brain-CAT032.jpg" or "presentation002.txt".

Requires OneClick 2.x +

Collapsar by Saint John Morrison

...Oh, sorry, I was flashing back to my youth there. Yes, putting things back the way you found them is polite. When you collapse a window, by clicking the "windowshade" button in the top right corner (or double-clicking the title bar, if you've set it up to work that way), and then shut your computer off, you might expect that window to be collapsed when you restart. But the Finder doesn't do it.

Collapsar, though, does a favor for the Finder: On startup, it re-collapses windows which were that way when you shut your computer down.

Requires OneClick 2.x +

Click Meister by Jim Williams

The Click Meister palette can automatically generate Easy Script 'Click' or 'Screen.Cursor' statements that can be used in scripts to click at, or move the cursor to, particular points in any application document window, tool bar, floating palette or dialog box.

The 'GetWindowText' statement may also be generated AND TESTED by means of a script automatically created in one of the palette's own buttons.

Requires OneClick 2.x +

Time's A'Wastin', v1.01 by Don Morris

Updated version!

Time's A'Wastin' is a OneClick palette with a timer to keep track of just how much time you're "wasting" on the Internet. Current and cumulative times are kept, with a user-configurable reset period. v1.01 fixes a few bugs, and adds support for Remote Access as well as OT/PPP.

Requires the OneClick "Mod" extension (included in the package)

OneClick 1.x or 2.x

Mark's Audio CD Button, v2.1 by Mark Brethen

Updated version!

This button controls Audio CD's much like Apple's control strip module and is intended for use with WestCode Software's OneClick 2.0. If you don't have it yet I suggest you contact them at and order it. You won't regret it.

It also requires AudioCDgh 1.2 by Glenn R. Howes. AudioCDgh is an AppleScript Extension which gives new commands and abilities to AppleScript or other Open Scripting Architecture languages (AudioCDgh is included in the package).

Requires OneClick 2.x +

FMP Text Color Palette by Enrique Terrazas

The FMP Text Color Palette allows you to access FileMaker Pro's Text Color submenu via a OneClick Palette. In addition, if you would like to incorporate the selection of a particular color in your own scripts, it provides an easy method to obtain the script code.

Requires OneClick 2.x, 1.x is possible

All of these new OneClick add-ons are free. You can find more information at the WestCode software web site.

WestCode Software

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