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February 21st, 2000

[6:00 AM] Mega Minesweeper Update Includes New Features & Bug Fixes
by Staff

Carrot Software has upgraded one of the ultimate time wasting applications ever, Mega Minesweeper. Version 0.9.8 of the classic computer puzzle game addresses a number of long standing bugs. According to Carrot Software:

Carrot Software is proud to announce the release of Mega Minesweeper v0.9.8. This upgrade contains tons of new features and corrects some long standing bugs. A newly redesigned interface for the Preferences dialog box also incorporates several new oft requested features. The numerous fixes and new features are:

New Features:

  • Game Play Information - shows everything relevant about your Mega Minesweeper games.
  • Times greater than 99 hours are now displayed correctly.
  • Theme plugins can now alter the icons for open, save, navigator window, and statistics window which are located at the bottom of the main window.
  • Arrow keys now scroll one field at a time. Shift + arrow key scroll to the beginning or end of column/row.
  • Rewrote entire mouse clicks tracking code. Responds much quicker to mouse clicks & modifier key presses / releases.
  • Statistics window (both normal and floating) now features a vertical zoom box so you can view all of the normal stats or just the 'Time' and 'Remain' stats.
  • Preferences dialog now uses tabs to separate everything
  • Added "Splash screen" and "Progress screen" options (under Misc. tab)
  • Added "Track mouse" option to Preferences (under Misc. tab). When this is NOT CHECKED mouse tracking is identical to any other clicking on a Mac. It will not "follow" the cursor around but simply track the first field clicked on.
  • Added support for reopen application AppleEvent
  • When using 8.5+ the floating windows now remain visible while in the background.
  • Mega Minesweeper now will finish uncovering a move in the background, then when the move is finished, pause the game. Otherwise if there is no move being made, Mega Minesweeper will simply pause your game when it goes into the background.
  • Mega Minesweeper no longer pauses a game that has not started if you move it into the background.
  • Merged About Mega Minesweeper... and About plug-ins... into one dialog box. It also now features a list of the beta testers and translators and thanks.
  • Offscreen graphics routines optimized.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug when power clicking when it would stop uncovering fields before it should have. However, power clicking currently does not allow for using interaction (i.e., if you power click, you can not choose a menu item, move a window, etc. until it is finished uncovering).
  • Rewrote cursor tracking code. Correctly handles when cursor is over floating/standard windows (specifically Statistics and Navigator windows) regardless of which window is in front.
  • The splash screen now goes away with any key press.
  • The time was not drawn after stopping the clock - this has been fixed.
  • Waiting for events time was all wrong- it now works properly.
  • Scroll bars are now disabled while the game is paused (previously beeped when clicked during pause)
  • Fixed a bug rarely found when opening files via the Finder (double clicking or cmd + 0)
  • Fixed bug where the new game button was not restored to a non-disabled state after the application was sent to the background.
  • Fixed many different memory leaks and application/system heap access violations using a demo of Spotlight by Onyx-Technologies

Mega Minesweeper is now available as a free download. You can find more information at the Carrot Software web site.

Carrot Software

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