January 3rd, 2000

[8:30 AM] Windows 2000 Expo Brochure Features Netscape On A Mac...
by Staff

In an unbelievable mistake, the organizers of the Windows 2000 Expo have apparently ok'd a brochure that has a minor problem. There are no Microsoft products on the cover, though there is a product from competitor Netscape, and it's running on a Mac! Observer Jabari Adisa wrote to tell us about the brochure, so we checked it out. You can see Jabari Adisa's post of a screenshot, but we also went to the Windows 2000 Expo web site and downloaded a PDF of the brochure so we could see it ourselves. Sure enough, the cover includes a woman sitting at a computer with Netscape Navigator/Communicator open and it's running on a Mac.

You can download the brochure yourself directly from the Windows 2000 web site (until it's gone or changed). You can also check the image that Jabari Adisa posted as it will presumably be harder for the Windows powers that be to have it pulled. We have confirmed that the image posted at that site matches the image in the PDF brochure as of this writing.

The Mac Observer Spin: Wow, this is unbelievable. For Microsoft to run a brochure that features their competitor's products, especially Netscape's dreaded browser, is a major embarrassment. Our guess is that this was the clever work of a Mac partisan in an advertising agency. Either that, or it was some painfully sloppy work on the part of several someones. In any event, we fully expect someone with Microsoft or the company running Windows 2000 Expo to pull this brochure as quickly as possible.

If this is not some of the most delicious irony...

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