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January 4th, 2000

[7:30 AM] MACWORLD Expo: Bungie TV To Webcast Oni and Halo Footage
by Staff

In an announcement sure to make gamers everywhere a bit giddy, Bungie has promised to show sneak previews of their upcoming releases Oni and Halo from MACWORLD Expo SF. Best yet, Bungie is going to webcast the footage offering non MACWORLD attendees a chance to see what these two groundbreaking games have to offer. According to Bungie:

Bungie Software today announced the launch of Bungie TV (bTV), a webcast running exclusive Bungie programming during the upcoming MACWORLD Expo (January 5th-8th) at Featuring new footage of Bungie's highly anticipated games Oni and Halo, along with interviews with the developers and Bungie personnel, bTV uses the streaming capabilities of QuickTime 4 to bring the Expo to the web.

"We're fortunate in having some of the most dedicated fans in the world of gaming, and we are always looking for ways to communicate directly with them," notes Bungie founder and CEO Alexander Seropian. "bTV will webcast each day at least 30 minutes of news, interviews and clips of our latest software titles. We'll be answering viewer questions live on air, premiering new game footage and taking our cameras around the show floor. It's the most ambitious webcast yet from a game company and a taste of what people can expect in the future from Bungie."

In addition to the live webcast from the MACWORLD show floor, pre-recorded footage will showcase Bungie's development hothouses in Chicago and San Jose and give a sneak peek into the development of Oni and Halo.

The Games:

Oni is a third-person 3D action game that mixes hand-to-hand combat with gunplay. Set in the year 2032, you play Konoko, an elite agent of the Tech Crimes Task Force on a quest to infiltrate and destroy a ruthless crime syndicate. Enormous 3D environments designed by architects and a complex storyline make it an action game like no other.

Halo is a third-person perspective, sci-fi action epic set on a ring-shaped artificial world. In both single and multiplayer modes, players must wage an intense guerilla war against an overwhelming alien force using the arsenals and vehicles of distinct cultures. A nonlinear game, players have complete freedom of movement over open terrain. Halo features astonishing graphics and realistic effects.

The Webcast:

30 minutes of new programming will debut every day during Macworld at the following times :

Wednesday, January 5th: 1:00 to 1:30pm PST

  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie East Tour
  • Oni Special (part I)
  • 2 Minutes of Matt Soell

Thursday, January 6th: 10 to 10:30am PST

  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie West Tour
  • Apple Interview
  • Oni Special (part II)
  • 2 Minutes of Peter Tamte

Friday, January 7th: 10 to 10:30am PST

  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie Culture 101
  • ATI Interview
  • Halo Special (part I)
  • 2 Minutes of Alexander Seropian

Saturday, January 8th: 10 to 10:30am PST

  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie Culture 101
  • 3dfx Interview
  • Halo Special (part II)
  • 2 Minutes of Doug Zartman

You can visit Bungie at MACWORLD, or click over to their web site for more information.


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