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January 5th, 2000

[1:15 PM CST] MACWORLD Expo: Live Coverage of Expo Keynote Speech
by Staff

[1:15 PM CST] To end the keynote speech, Steve Jobs announced that he has dropped Interim from his title -- BUT! He's still the iCEO -- the Internet CEO. :-)

[1:10 PM CST] Steve reflected on Apple's position. He agreed that Apple could have been split into different companies (hardware, software, etc.). But, he said that, if managed properly, Apple has a unique ability to provide a seamless user experience BECAUSE of the fact that they make the software and the hardware. And now with iTools, they can do that only because of the fact that they can control the whole process from hardware to user, operating system included.

the keynote directly (via Palm VII):

Release schedule for MacOS X:

Spring - beta
Summer - on sale
1/01 - preload on all Macs

[1:05 PM CST] Half of Adobe's revenue came from Mac customers last year! Adobe is absolutely committed to MacOS X and will have all apps Carbonized to ship.

Microsoft has new version of Office due this year.

According to Macromedia, Flash took only a week and a half to port to MacOS X!

[1:00 PM CST] Aqua can be put into "single window" mode, where each window will minimize to the dock,

[12:50 PM CST] MacOS X has a "dock" at the bottom of the screen for organizational purposes. QuickTime movie kept playing when sent to the dock.

The dock shrinks as you add more and more things to it. It will hold 128 items in it, then you can "magnify" the dock as your mouse floats over it to see things at full size. Very smooth, very fluid motion.

[12:45 PM CST] Phil Schiller comes up to demo Quake 3 Carbonized! - But it didn't work!

[12:40 PM CST] Ran "Bomb" app ("does all sorts of heinous things," according to Steve Jobs). It does NOT bring the System down when an application crashes. :-)

[12:35 PM CST] Using Aqua on MacOS X

Displayed OS9 standard application, works fine, but doesn't inherit MacOS X features or user interface.

Then showed carbonized version of MS Internet Explorer 5.0. It worked flawlessly despite Steve's assurance that Microsoft had NEVER seen the new OS.

Then demo'd built-in "Cocoa" E-mail client - POP, IMAP, Inline attachments.

[12:30 PM CST] New Finder, kind of.

It CAN work like the old finder. But default is to work like a web browser, opening new stuff in same window. According to Steve Jobs, "It will be the Janitor for you."

In addition to icon, list, etc., views, it also has "browser" view -- shows hierarchical menu of disk contents. Allows previews of text, graphics, movies right in browser view.

[12:25 PM CST] Aqua User Interface was redesigned from the ground up. Designed to be the "dream user interface" for someone who's never touched a computer.

Much cleaner. Windows have TRUE Shadows. Contents refresh while dragging, go translucent when inactive.

[12:20 PM CST] Mac OSX

For MacOS X -- it has a COMPLETELY new user interface called Aqua. Ot's "liquid" -- Steve Jobs, "Someone saw it and wanted to lick it!" It's been in development for 18 months.

Updates coming, but thus far:

Classic - MacOS 9 apps as is, but no access
Carbonized Apps - Get all new features, takes developers a few months to convert from OS9
Cocoa - New Applications - ALL of the benefits of Object Oriented MacOS X

Killer Graphics

Quartz - PDF built-in at the core of the OS
OpenGL - built in with hardware support.

[12:05 PM CST] Apple dial-up service with Earthlink! Apple profits from every new account due to a US$200 million investment with Earthlink. Steve Jobs, "If you want to help Apple, sign up with Earthlink."

[12:00 PM CST] More on iTools:

iDisk - 20mb of personal storage - and an icon for drive appears like any other drive right on your desktop!

Can create a public folder for friends - can read personal photos and make iCards.

HomePage - build personal web site in 10 mins - also integrates with iDisk. Steve Jobs just created site with pics just dragged over to iDisk - and published the sina movie, too.

[11:50 AM CST] 2nd iTool is -- Apple's internet portal. E-mail with Web and POP access, and has great security.

3rd iTool is iDisc - personal Internet Storage

[11:45 AM CST] Apple's new Internet Strategy, there's a New tab bar on Apple's site

iReview with web site reviews - 250 today from apple - and users can add their own (Go add The Mac Observer!)

iCards - shown some cheesy ones from other sites saying they made him embarrassed to be a human - they have professional artwork

KidSafe - Tool for parental controls, completely integrated and managed from a database on Apple's site so it's always updated. Maintained by teachers and libratians and currently has over 50,000 websites within. Integrated with MacOS 9's multiple users, so each user has different levels of access.

[11:40 AM CST] Apple's been doing well:

QuickTime has had 25 Million Downloads and beat out Microsoft Media player. It is at number 2 in the Internet Streaming world with a 33% market share (RealPlayer has 53%, Microsoft Media Player 14%).

Apple's investment in Akamai has grown from $12.5 million to over $1 BILLION.

Mac OS 9, has sold more than 1 million copies thus far

The Apple Store which has sold more than $1 billion each year, runs on MacOS X.

[11:25 AM CST] New Product: VST 100 GB portable RAID (Firewire) - has a PowerBook battery in it that will let you use it without power cords.

10% of iMovie owners have made an iMovie - Sina (one of the VPs) won the Apple Exec staff iMovie contest

Advertising campaigns:

Think different adds new people Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Capra ("It's a Wonderful Life") plus others mentioned below.

TV Commercials with Desktop Movies

[11:15 AM CST] iMac stats -

44% First Time Computer Buyers
66% Did not consider any other platform

[11:10 AM CST] New Applications on the show floor and shipping next month:

Internet Explorer 5.0
Appleworks 6.0 - US$79

[11:00 AM CST] Steve's on stage - right on time! Talking about reinventing Apple. For the last quarter, Apple sold 1,350,000 Macs!

Apple's portable market share clocks in at 11% of the US Portable Market.

iBook was the NUMBER ONE selling Consumer portable in the US!

iBook stats - The first "true" consumer portable

11% first time computer buyers
17% Wintel switchers.
50% First laptop.
16% Installed Airport
90% On the Internet
70% Have ALREADY purchased goods/services over the Internet.

[10:45 AM CST] Things seem to be moving along as though we'll have an on-time start. Until then, you can check out some pictures from the center!

[10:40 AM CST] There are some new Think Different posters up...Charlie Chaplain and
Francis Ford Copola.

[10:30 AM CST] Now we're being treated to music from The Grateful Dead ("Friend of the Devil," and "Sugar Magnolia" thus far). Appropriate for the town and the crowd.

[10:00 AM CST] The QuickTime Streaming Broadcast of the Keynote has started, so get yourself ready for the biggest announcement of the year (so far, anyway!)

The keynote is scheduled to begin at 9:00am PST. You can view the keynote with QuickTime streaming if your connection and time permits, and we'll also be posting updates LIVE during the keynote here at The Mac Observer.

Barring any unforeseen technical difficulties, we will have reporters attending the keynote and sending periodic updates back with the help of wireless communication devices (like the Palm VII). We'll be posting those as they come in. Stay tuned here for up-to-the-minute coverage of tomorrow's events and be sure to check out our MACWORLD San Francisco 2000 Special Report.

MACWORLD Expo 2000 Special Report

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