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March 6th, 2000

[5:30 PM] REALbasic Gets New Alpha Developer Release
by Staff

REAL Software has updated REALbasic with a new developer release. While the new version contains a ton of bug fixes and other changes, REAL Software stresses that the developer releases should not be used for mission critical projects. According to REAL Software:

REAL Software is pleased to announce the latest development release of REALbasic: 2.1a28.

These alpha releases are for testing purposes only and are not considered the current release of REALbasic. Projects saved in alpha releases of 2.1 cannot be opened in REALbasic 2.0.2. You should not use alpha releases for mission-critical development. There is a specific mailing list hosted at REAL Software for discussing the alpha testing releases: Subscribe to this list by sending an e-mail containing "subscribe realbasic-dr" (without the quotes) to:

Note: 68k functionality is disabled in this release. That means no 68k plugins will work and no compiling for 68k. We expect to have this fixed in the next development release.


[Opt] = Optimization
[Bug] = Bug Fix
[New] = New Feature
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Kis] = Known Issue
[Wrk] = WorkAround
[Nlr] = No Longer Reproducible, Reason Unknown. Usually a consequence of some other fix.

Changes in 2.1a28

  • [Kis] All 68k features temporarily disabled
  • [Bug] The QTEffectSequence class no longer returns empty pictures
  • [New] New RBVersionString constant returns short RB version string (e.g. "2.1a28").
  • [Bug] Nil pictures passed to ExportPicture now raise a NilObjectException, rather than crashing (BugBase #683).
  • [Bug] Very large numbers no longer crash Format(). (BugBase #745)
  • [Bug] Listboxes now behave correctly when a cell being edited is deleted via RemoveRow or DeleteAllRows (BugBase #788).
  • [Bug] Arrays should now always be viewable in the debugger (BugBase #887 again).
  • [Bug] Setting class name equal to the superclass no longer causes a crash. (BugBase #761)
  • [New] Setting class name equal to an existing class is now invalid.
  • [Bug] Fixed several bugs relating to constants and languages. (BugBase #795)
  • [Bug] Debugger no longer allows you to tab into uneditable fields (such as Doubles) and thereby to cause a crash. (BugBase #881)
  • [New] Variables of type "Single" can now be edited in the debugger. (BugBase #856) (Note that you still can't edit Doubles, however.)
  • [Bug] Fixed a crash which could occur when closing windows under certain circumstances (e.g., BugBase #931 and BugBase #719).
  • [Bug] Reduced likelihood of crash when a bevel button or plug-in control is deleted during its own event handler. (BugBase #817)
  • [Bug] RB database no longer crashes when you attempt to store a varchar data longer than the maximum data length (currently 8174 bytes). (BugBase #422)
  • [Chg] RB database error code for "primary key violation" changed from 2003 to 2005.
  • [Bug] The project window will no longer be opened offscreen. (BugBase #873)
  • [Bug] Looping sounds now have priority over non-looping sounds. (BugBase #893)
  • [Chg] Max. number of simultaneous sounds has been increased from 4 to 16.
  • [Bug] Single-line edit controls no longer receive duplicate KeyDown events. (BugBase #808)
  • [Bug] The macControlHandle property now works in compiled apps. (BugBase #767)
  • [Bug] An assertion failure while scrolling a SpriteSurface was fixed. (BugBase #946)
  • [New] A pragma has been added to disable the automatic display of the wait cursor (or watch cursor). Use #pragma DisableAutoWaitCursor to disable the default behavior. The pragma can be placed anywhere in the code, and it will affect all of your code. (BugBase #958, 33)
  • [Bug] GetFolderItem now returns nil when given an invalid path. Note that existing code may need to be updated. (BugBase #628)
  • [Bug] Plugin functions are now correctly linked in large projects
  • [Bug] 68k Boolean parameters for Plugin functions are now treated as being 4 bytes long. Boolean return values are safely handled so that they accurately represent the value returned by the plugin function (no corruption occurs.) Note: No 68k Functionality in a28
  • [New] Added REALinRuntime Plugin API call - Returns true if in runtime, false if in IDE
  • [Bug] Lines can once again be dragged and duplicated correctly in the IDE. (BugBase #938)
  • [Chg] The content of the "online reference" has been updated to include the addition of the RBVersion constant of 2.1a27.
  • [Bug] Uppercase, Lowercase, and InStr now work more reliably for two-byte character systems (e.g., Japanese). (BugBase #968)
  • [Chg] In the Build dialog, the "Version Info" label has been changed to the more accurate "Package Info".
  • [Bug] Picture.RGBSurface now returns nil for 8-bit pictures, and now works correctly for 16-bit pictures. (BugBase #980)
  • [New] File Drag and Drop implemented on Win32. The Window control's dropEvent is the only one that is currently supported. You can work-around this limitation by obtaining the DropLeft and DropTop coordinates and figuring out which control is being dropped on manually. Note: DropWidth and DropHeight properties have no meaning in Win32 and will return 0 unless set by a REALbasic application using NewDragItem.
  • [Bug] Dim String(0) in a method no longer crashes debugger. (BugBase #275)
  • [Bug] List boxes in Global Floating Windows no longer crash IDE. (BugBase #719)

You can find more information on the product at the company's web site.

REAL Software

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