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May 23rd, 2000

[3:30 PM] Orange Micro Offers Two FireWire Combo Cards
by Staff

[Update 4:50 PM] We apologize, but the OrangeLink+Ethernet card included in this announcement is for PCs only. We have kept the original text

For those pre-FireWire Mac users that are feeling left out of the FireWire loop, Orange Micro has come to the rescue. They have release a new FireWire/SCSI card combination, bringing the best of both worlds to PCI enabled Macs. The OrangeLink+ allows users to make maximum use out of their three PCI slots. The Orangelink+Ethernet card allows users to easily add FireWire connectivity, when upgrading their system for ethernet, and thus today's high bandwidth options. According to Orange Micro:

OrangeLink+ FireWire 1394+SCSI U2W

Orange Micro has successfully developed a suite of IEEE-1394 FireWire products for both Macintosh and PC. The OrangeLink+ FireWire 1394+SCSI U2W PCI card is another innovative combination card hosting FireWire 1394 ports and a high performance SCSI interface on a single card, saving a valuable PCI slot.

This OrangeLink+ is particularly suitable for the serious desktop movie enthusiast. In addition to offering the fastest FireWire 1394 protocol, the OrangeLink+ board has a high speed SCSI interface of 80 MB/sec for rapid loading and archiving movie clips without long waiting periods typically experienced with slower IDE interfaces.

The card features two external 6-pin FireWire ports, one internal 6-pin port, and an optional internal power connector. The FireWire 1394 interface allows for the connection of up to 63 devices, while transferring data up to an incredible speed of 400 Mbps (50MB/sec). Increase your productivity by taking advantage of the latest FireWire 1394 peripherals, including digital camcorders and portable VST hard drives.

For SCSI connections, the card utilizes Ultra 2 Wide technology enabling data transfers up to 80MB/sec, eight times the speed of Fast SCSI controllers! The SCSI interface can chain a maximum of 15 devices. It also allows you to utilize the latest LVD SCSI hard drives, perfect for capturing and streaming video.


Orange Micro has developed another unique combination card offering PC users maximum flexibility and efficiency. The OrangeLink+, which is a FireWire and Ethernet PCI Card, hosts FireWire 1394 ports and an Ethernet port, all on one card, saving a valuable PCI slot for other uses.

With the addition of FireWire 1394 ports to your PC, connection of the latest high performance IEEE 1394 peripherals such as digital camcorders and portable hard drives is now possible. The card supports two external FireWire ports and data can be transferred at a blistering speed of 400 Mbps (50MB/sec). Making desktop movies has never been faster and more fun!

The Ethernet port allows you the flexibility of 10 Mbps operation or 100 Mbps, making it ideal for all your networking solutions. DSL users will not only be able to utilize the Ethernet port, but add the power of FireWire to their computers as well, with just one card.

OrangeLink+ FireWire 1394+SCSI U2W PCI card is available for US$229. You can find more information at the Orange Micro web site.

The OrangeLink+Ethernet card is available for US$139. You can find more information at the Orange Micro web site. Note that this product is for PCs only.

The Mac Observer Spin: As we have mentioned before, combo cards are a great way for Mac users to add FireWire to their legacy PowerMacs, especially if they are already short on PCI slots. This is especially true for users with legacy SCSI peripherals that they rely on, or simply don't want to replace.

Orange Micro

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