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May 26th, 2000

[12:00 PM] Coldstone Mac Game Development Engine Upgraded To Version 8
by Staff

How many of us have not thought about making your own game? Most of us don't have the skills to do so, but Beenox Studios has made it possible to do so anyway with their Coldstone Game Engine. The Coldstone Game Engine allows users to develop their own RPG game with drag 'n drop tools. The company has released an update to the engine, bringing it to Version 8, that includes a variety of new features. According to Beenox:

BEENOX STUDIOS inc. is proud to announce a new major release of its role-playing game creation software for Macintosh: the Coldstone Game Engine. This new version takes the creator to a higher step in game design with the introduction of a new feature, NEVER BEFORE SEEN in a game or scenario development tool on the Macintosh: a multi layer graphic system in the map engine allowing the creation of breath taking environments. The user can add realistic nature elements like trees, rocks, lakes and mountains as well as 3D rendered houses and furniture. The 32x32 pixels grid worlds are over! Like always, the map editor comes with all the flexibility you need to quickly understand and master this new feature: sample maps and stamp pictures, updated contextual help and user manual. A new stand-alone tutorial game is also available to download from our web site if you want to see what Coldstone can do by yourself. It includes a demonstration of the map engine and the mouse navigation engine. Note that there is a full demonstration game (with a bunch of new graphics, maps as well a story line) in development at Beenox that will be released this summer.

Take a look at the new map editor with layer support:

Here is some screenshots of the tutorial game:

Who said Macintosh is not a gaming platform? Make your own killer game, now.

[NEW] New feature - [MOD] Modification or update of an existing feature - [BUG] Bug, now fixed

  • [NEW] LAYERS are now supported both in the editor and the engine (transparent objects). Allows the user to create breath taking environments not limited to a grid. The player can walk behind or over objects. Sample maps using layers are included in both the full package and the update package. Documentation has been
  • [NEW] MULTIPLE LAYER EDITING SYSTEM implemented in the map editor. Allows the user to easily sort all the layers and have a better control on what is below and over the player in the map (that way, you can create shadows and other things that always appears under the player).
  • [MOD] New and improved game tutorial now available featuring the new layer system
  • [MOD] Added contextual help to the map editor controls.
  • [MOD] Added contextual help to the game options dialog and updated the layout dialog help
  • [MOD] Documentation updated for the new layer feature in the map editor
  • [MOD] English documentation corrected by Scott Conventry.
  • [BUG] TileSet Editor Bug: When changing library, the picture isn't selected at all
  • [BUG] BUG fixed: TileSet Browser disappearing when clicking on an other editor (not a map) and never appeared again when returning to the map
  • [BUG] Graphic bugs when using a custom sized map area with a layout are now fixed
  • [BUG] Misc. other bugs with the map engine fixed
  • [BUG] Save and restore location doit prendre la musique en consideration
  • [BUG] Save games now save the location stack also
  • [BUG] When changing scenario, the documentation window popup, out of nowhere
  • [BUG] Zoom value in the title bar of the map editor doesn't update correctly when in object mode
  • [BUG] Arrow facing direction doesn't always match the size of the Coldstone toolbar
  • [BUG] Change Scenario now update the tile browser
  • [BUG] The tileset browser seems to perform a first scan in the root folder of the application, fixed
  • [BUG] Shop Layout picture doesn't appear correctly in compiled games. You will have to assign your shop layout background again in the game options and recompile.
  • [BUG] Sometimes, encounters were not displayed correctly
  • [MOD] Dynamic locations temporary disabled
  • [BUG] When the engine doesn't find the "data" file at startup, it now gently informs the player of the problem and quit.
  • [BUG] Huge memory leak fixed in the map editor. Map will now take less memory to edit and less time to open.

You can find more information at the company's Web site. The engine is priced at US$30 for the prerelease versions being developed.

Beenox Studios

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