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March 30th, 2001

[7:30 AM] Remembering The Apple I & The Two Steves (With Pics)
by Bryan Chaffin

Would we have Mac OS X without Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak? No. Categorically, no. While Mr. Wozniak has not been involved with the development of Mac OS X directly, he was the brains behind the Apple I and the Apple ][ which provided something to Steve Jobs to sell, thus creating Apple Computer. We state with great certainty that computers would not be the same without the contributions of both Steves. We would also assert that the computing experience itself would be much more boring, unproductive, and ugly without both of these men.

That's brings us to today's Remembering piece, which comes to us via Derwood Eadie, his scanner, and OmniPage. Mr. Eadie was recently given an Apple //e that came with a textbook that included an article on the Two Steves. According to Mr. Eadie:

I've been following your series of items about old Apple ads. I thought I'd submit to you an item for possible inclusion.

Just a couple of days ago, I was given a local high-school's old enhanced Apple //e, complete with Apple //e Monochrome Monitor, two 5.25" UniDisks, and Imagewriter II printer. The equipment is in excellent working condition (especially considering it came from a school!). They even threw in a copy of AppleWorks, a full box of tractor-feed paper, and a handy school textbook called "Using Computers in Our Society, with AppleWorks," published by South-Western.

On page 118 is a brief history of Apple computer (up to 1983) titled "The Two Steves." Just from reading this and the rest of the book, it appears the authors were quite the Apple fanatics. The two-page article (see below) included pictures of the Steves, an Apple ][, and an interesting Apple I installed in a briefcase.

I've included scans of the entire article and a very rough scan of the Apple I briefcase. Also attached is a SimpleText version of the article, thanks to OmniPage.

I hope you and your viewers find this of interest. Now if only I had all those copies of "InCider" magazine I tossed when I went off to college in 1985. I loved their old "Mac 'n' Lisa" column.

I hope you continue to dig up historical items like this. These really take me back to my high-school days.

Derwood Eadie

A scan of The Two Steves
(Click the thumbnail for a larger version)
We also have the text of the article.
An Apple I Portable
Note the ultra-geek humor in that.
(Click the thumbnail for a larger version)

Many thanks to Derwood Eadie for sending us these excellent scans.

If you have an old Apple ad for the Mac, the Apple ][ (or clones such as the Franklin), the Lisa, or any other Apple product, scan them in and send them to us, so that we can share them with other Mac fans. We are also looking for ads from the Mac cloners of the mid-90's such as Power Computing, Motorola, Umax, MacTell, Marathon Computer, PowerTools, and any others we have not mentioned. Feel free to make your scans quite large (high resolution) as we have had many Observers ask for printable versions.

Post your comments below.

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