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December 2nd
1:10 PM/CST


Tuesday, December 2nd

IXMICRO Reorganizes: New Aim Is OEM
[1: 10 PM] IXMICRO has initiated a reorganization that focuses the company on OEM sales. At the same time, the management team is reaffirming their commitment to the Mac community. In a press release announcing the changes, IXMICRO included these three statements.

"Making the transition from a proprietary ASIC developer to an ODM (original design manufacturer), IXMICRO maintains its dedication to the Macintosh consumer, while focusing product development on the retail and OEM channels.

IXMICRO plans to announce the first of its one-of-a-kind multimedia graphics peripherals at Macworld San Francisco (Booth No. 2029) in January.

IXMICRO is dedicated to the Macintosh retail channel and consumer demands, producing products that are not bound to OEM opportunities, but push the envelope and challenge the Macintosh OEM market to think different."

The company also recently split off its communications division into a separate company called 3CX that

"develops and markets state-of-the-art streaming media software, multimedia applications and ADSL solutions. Our products and technologies are designed to enable the delivery of realistic multimedia content over the Internet, Intranet and digital TV networks."

The Mac Observer Spin: IXMICRO has been a stalwart supporter of the Mac offering high-end graphic solutions for years. Their 128-bit Twin Turbo 2D acceleration card was the industry leader for years, especially with the former clone manufacturers. While IXMICRO has also has a PC graphics card called the ix3D Ultimate Rez for PC, but seems poised to have more of a presence in the PC world. There is very little OEM development in the Mac world with Apple seemingly firmly committed to ATI, so a new focus on OEM sales can only mean a stronger push into the Wintel world. OEM sales are a very large portion of the Wintel world and IXMICRO will likely do very well.

What is a good sign is their obvious efforts to reassure the Mac market that they intend to go on developing products for the Mac. Hopefully that commitment will include an element of profitability that will keep IXMICRO making the great products they have been making.