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December 7th
10:40 AM/CST


Monday, December 7th

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Apple Officially Releases MacOS 8.5.1
[10: 40 AM] Apple has released for immediate download an update for Mac OS 8.5. The update includes the following bug fixes:

"Mac OS 8.5.1 remedies problems associated with CD-ROM installation, AppleScript(R), and a rarely-seen data corruption problem. There is also improved support for third party ADB devices, such as joysticks. Mac OS 8.5.1 also includes an updated version of Sherlock, which improves communication through Internet proxy firewalls."

Apple has also included several Sherlock plug-ins for commercial sites such as,, CNN Interactive, Direct Hit,, and LookSmart.

The updater will be available with localized versions "later this month," while the company says it will ship a CD-Rom version in January of 1999 for a price os US$9.95. Apple says that everyone using OS 8.5 should update to the new version. Download it now.

The Mac Observer Spin: Apple should be very proud of MacOS 8.5. It is a great operating system that represents the single biggest quantum leap for Mac computing since the introduction of the PowerPC chip in 1994. With this in mind, it seems a bit strange that Apple should make glaring apology in its press release regarding the 8.5.1 release. Phill Shiller, Apple's VP of World Wide Marketing is quoted as saying:

"It's amazing how few bugs we've found in Mac OS 8.5. "It's been one of our most reliable operating system releases ever, and with this update, it's rock-solid."

While this statement is completely true, it comes off as an apology, and Apple has nothing to apologize for.

Apple - Download MacOS 8.5.1 - Apple's Press Release