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December 16th
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Wednesday, December 16th

PC Industry Strong: Apple Cited As Number One Reason!
[10:51 AM] The PC Critical Industry Trend Evaluator (or CITE) Report, made by Deloitte Consulting, concludes that the PC Industry is strong and cites Apple Computer's recovery as the number one factor. The Report covers the 3rd quarter of 1998 and measures trends in the PC Industry from six key indices: Gross Margin Index, Combined Inventory Index for PC Manufacturers, Distributors/Dealers and Component Suppliers, Channel-Manufacturer Inventory Index, Supplier-Manufacturer Inventory Index, Expected Performance Index and the Hope Index. The data is gathered from PC manufacturers, component and peripheral suppliers, distributors and retailers, as well as stock market indications (or indicators) of investor expectations.

The Report concludes that short term optimism is at a 5-year high and cites Apple's recovery as a major contributing factor. The Report also cites a shift to new channel strategies, primarily e-commerce, and the realization that the Asian Crisis is not going to greatly impact the PC industry as other major factors contributing to the optimism.

In a strong boost to Apple's perceived value, the Report says that Apple Computer was the "single biggest contributor" to long term optimism which is also near a 5-year high. According to Charles B. Goldenberg, partner in the High Technology Group of Deloitte Consulting:

"Optimism for Apple is the single biggest contributor to the increasing trend in the Hope Index. Apple has rebounded with its introduction of the iMac, surprising Wall Street and capturing the imagination of PC consumers. This renewed optimism has moved the proportion of Apple's value derived from future investment and performance from zero in 1996 to 40 percent today, according to HOLT Value Associates."

Other aspects of the Report find that the streamlining of inventory systems and shortened product cycles have left the entire industry much leaner than it used to be. Apple Computer is currently the industry leader in low inventory levels with a 6 day supply on hand.

Requests for the full report can be e-mailed directly to Deloitte Consulting.

The Mac Observer Spin: Earlier this year a PC executive (from a company I can not remember) said it was ridiculous that Apple got as much press as it did when it had as little market share as it did. This is an understandable reaction from someone who honestly does not understand Apple or the Mac (which I am assuming he does not).

Apple is and will remain different from the rest of the industry. A measure of this difference is laid before us in the PC-CITE Report. That Apple's recovery could have such a major impact on the entire industry is a testament to this difference. Other computing companies rise and fall all the time, but the entire world seems to hold its breath while it looks on Apple's fortune.

The Y2K Bug, the Asian Crisis, the end of the Millennium itself, and even President's Clinton's troubles are all unsettling to much of the world, but Apple helps lift the entire PC Industry. Simply amazing.

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