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December 18th
11:39 AM/CST


Friday, December 18th

Apple Australia Reaching Out To Touch Callers
[11:39 AM] We received word from a reader about an interesting marketing effort from Apple Australia. The e-mail in full:

"In Australia we have a directory assistance number run by Telstra (our former monopolistic telecommunications carrier) that you can call nationally to find out phone numbers for a given name/address combination. Now, as this is on the whole pretty easy, quick and free, a lot of people use this service (often several times a day) instead of looking numbers up in the paper directories (read 'doorstops').

Telstra has recently introduced a new service which allows you to call and have an operator look up a number *and* connect you. This is not free, but Telstra have been trying to advertise it in the short delay between when the operator looks up the number and the computer reads out the number to you.

Last night I called to have a number looked up and was pleasantly surprised to hear the following message during the delay;

"Rather be surfing the net with and Apple iMac? You could win one if you use Telstra's xxxxx service. Call now for details"

This is no doubt a very cheap form of sponsorship/advertising for Apple, but I suggest it going to get heard by a *lot* of people. Smart move Apple Australia."

Thanks for sending this in!

The Mac Observer Spin: In most areas of the States, information calls are not free. Advertising during a call that costs money would probably be met with a firestorm in this country, but it is good to see Apple grab the opportunity in an area where it may be appropriate. Australia is already one of the most successful markets with Apple and this move will likely make it a little better!