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December 18th
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Friday, December 18th

Reader Reports Ongoing iMac Driver Problems At CompUSA
[4:50 PM] An anonymous Webintosh reader who is a tech support employee at CompUSA reports ongoing problems with the shipping drivers for iMacs at CompUSA.

"I work as a support tech for CompUSA, and I've been receiving some rather disturbing calls regarding the package deals we've been selling. I thought that I'd best write you about it, because if someone doesn't get the word out, on December 25 there's going to be a whole lot of unhappy kiddies (not to mention parents) (and they're all going to be calling ME!).

1) The UMAX Astra 1220U scanners that we like to bundle with the iMac - first of all, some of those driver CD's apparently have viruses on them. Second of all, the driver that they come with *DOES NOT* work reliably with the iMac. The solution is to download the new drivers from UMAX (

2) Same goes for the Epson printers, though the drivers are on the 8.5 Software Install disks that come with the iMac. (Look in the CD Extras folder.) You can also download the drivers from Epson ( Contrary to the instructions in the USB printer kit, do NOT use the drivers that come in the kit (and don't even think about using the ones that come with the printer).

3) For the refurbished iMacs, please remind people that in order to use most USB devices, you're going to have to get the iMac Update 1.0 from Apple. ("

It was a known issue that there were some incomplete drivers that were shipped with the Epson 740 USB printer as well as the 1200OU scanner from Umax, but it was thought that this problem was fixed with recent shipments.

Or reader responded:

"No, either that is incorrect, or we have a huge backstock of the older ones. I'm getting calls from people who bought their packs this past Monday that are having the same problems. The UMAX driver on their CD is worthless (and the serial numbers in the package for Photodeluxe are often wrong). The Epson CD that comes with the printer is worthless. The CD that comes with the Epson USB kit is slightly better, but still has problems. The 8.5 drivers (which are NOT automatically installed by 8.5, BTW) are worlds better, and the current Epson drivers (most notably for the 7XX series) are quite good. Judging from the large volume of calls we're getting on this, the problems have *not*, repeat *not* gone away."

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