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December 18th
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Friday, December 18th

Best Buy Lowers Price: Apple Asks Them To Raise It
[2:13 PM] Best Buy has lowered the price of iMacs to US$999 and then raised it back up to US$1099. MacTimes, MacNN, and The iMac all have stories covering this issue.

We got the opportunity to speak to a source who wishes to remain anonymous at Best Buy's corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. He confirmed that Best Buy had in fact lowered the price of the iMac to US$999 as of yesterday. This same source told Webintosh that Apple had asked Best Buy to raise the price to US$1099, which Best Buy did. "We just do what Apple tells us to." This is likely a move to protect the price point of the iMac as well as protecting other retailers.

Scattered reports from around the company show that some locations are still selling at the US$999 price point, but this will likely not be the case by sometime this evening. Purchasers wishing to purchase from Best Buy's web site are also eligible for the US$1099 price.

Webintosh is awaiting a response from Apple on this issue.

The Mac Observer Spin: Many people had expected the price of the iMac to lower the iMac to the US$999 range sometime after the Christmas buying season. This was also expected to coincide with the release of a new model that would be faster and beefier which would maintain the US$1299 price point. Apple is known for trying to maintain strict control over the retail pricing of its products through its MAP program. Retailers that stray from that pricing structure usually do not qualify for Apple marketing incentives. As we are still awaiting word from Apple, we do not know if Best Buy will be punished for this action.

While not good for many retailers, especially the smaller ones, Best Buy's pricing is a boon for purchasers. Coming right before Christmas, there are many people who may now take the opportunity to buy an iMac while they can. At US$1099, the iMac is hands down the absolute best deal for any computer out there. The performance and features, not to mention the built-in monitor, make it a better buy than any PC on the market. As Jimmy Stewart said in It's a Wonderful Life, "Merry Christmas Everybody!"

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