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December 21st
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Monday, December 21st

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PC Data Names iMac Number 1 Seller For November
[2:08 PM] PC Data has named the iMac as the number 1 seller for the month of November. This is the 4th straight month for our favorite bondi-blue Mac and Apple to be in the top 5 according to PC Data which also says that the iMac is the number one selling model for all 4 months combined. According to Steve Baker of PC Data:

"November capped off an impressive four-month run for the iMac," said Stephen Baker, PC Data’s senior hardware analyst. "Not only was the iMac the leading product in November, it has been the number one selling PC since its introduction in August, capturing 5.9 percent of the unit sales in that time frame. It was also the only PC to break into the top five best-sellers all four months."

The iMac accounted for 7.1 percent of all unit sales, as well as 8.2 percent of the dollar volume. The average price for the iMac was approximately $1,226 in November. PC Data also says that Apple's market share has doubled from about 5% prior to August to approximately 10% since the release of the iMac. Apple has also risen to be the number 5 computer maker during this time period, up from as low as 9 and 11 according to some reports during the last 12 months.

The iMac is the 2nd highest priced computer in the top 5 though the average selling price of computers has fallen to below US$1000 (without a monitor) for the first time. The average selling price for November was$992. This represents is a 7 percent drop from the October 1998 price of $1,066 and a 26 percent decline from November 1997 pricing of $1,340. Apple's iMac had been the highest priced computer in the top 5 since its introduction in August until November.

The Mac Observer Spin: This is good news for Apple and Mac users everywhere. Apple has made good on its promise to re-enter the consumer market with a vengeance. The iMac has proven that it is not a one-hit wonder. With new configurations likely to become available during the next 12 months, the iMac is likely to be a mainstay in Apple's product line for at least the next 18 months.

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