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December 22nd
11:16 AM/CST


Tuesday, December 22nd

CompUSA To Advertise Microsoft Mouse/Keyboard/iMac Compatibility
[11:16 AM] A Webintosh source at CompUSA has informed us that CompUSA will be advertising compatibility between Microsoft USB mouse and/or keyboard and the iMac in next Sunday's circular. Drawing upon the fact that the iMac will recognize a USB mouse or keyboard, no matter its origin, CompUSA hopes to sell more iMacs by drawing upon the perceived value among new computer users and PC users of Microsoft products.

The caveat not planned on being mentioned in the circular is that only one mouse button on the USB mouse is usable, leaving two buttons as useless. It would require drivers to make the other two buttons programmable. The Windows key on the Microsoft keyboard will reportedly be seen as an Apple (Command) key by the iMac. Webintosh has not been able to confirm this.

The Mac Observer Spin: CompUSA has been plagued with a very high return rate of iMac units at many locations. This could be somewhat exacerbated by uninformed or novice users buying a three-button mouse only to have the mouse appear to be "broken." CompUSA would be well advised to make sure its sales team properly educates its customers.

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