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December 22nd
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Tuesday, December 22nd

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Myth II: Soulblighter Demo Posted
[9:19 AM] Bungie has posted a demo for Myth II: Soulblighter. What is arguably the most anticipated game ever for the Macintosh can now be play tested in both the single player and on-line flavor. Flaming arrows and chuckling dwarves are now available.

The demo offers one netmap with two game options. The traditional Last Man On The Hill and a new game type called Assassin. Assassin includes a somewhat plump Baron that must be protected as the object of the game is to eliminate him. In a typically amusing Bungie twist, if one's own Baron is wounded, a worried murmur comes from a crowd.

A single player map called Into The Breach offers a moving drawbridge and the opportunity to try and take a castle with the help of an invisible dwarf. This was a great game to play online in a co-op game where several players work together to complete the single player game.

The new online service also offers a wide variety of features, though some are not implemented in the demo. One of the most obvious is the fact that a game can not be started until all players have clicked a ready button which prevents a practice known as Jump Starting on the original service. Other features include Buddy lists and Order lists for finding specific players.

There a number of sites mirroring the demo, including: The Townhall, The Myth Codex, The Tales, and

Prepare to lose your jobs and family, because this game is incredible. :-)