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December 23rd
3:56 PM/CST


Wednesday, December 23rd

Abbott Systems Offer Amnesty
[3:56 PM] Abbott Systems has announced the interesting move of granting amnesty for users of CanOpener. CanOpener is a Mac only utility the company bills as a universal file opener. According to Ken Abbott, president of Abbot Systems:

"After shipping for almost 10 years we know there are many CanOpener users out there who just forgot to register. This is our way of saying thanks for supporting us, and we want to give you all the benefits of registration.

Users of CanOpener can register by simply e-mailing their name and address to Abbott, no proof of ownership is required."

Users who take this opportunity will be eligible to buy the latest upgrade at the upgrade price.

The Mac Observer Spin: Don't be fooled by the very nice way that Abbott Systems put this. They know that there are thousands of people who are using pirated versions of their software and they are giving those people the opportunity to become registered owners. Even if you do not plan to purchase the upgrade, unregistered users should really take the opportunity to go legit. In fact, support Mac shareware, and the people that make it, by registering as much of your shareware as you can. Mac users are blessed with an incredibly talented group shareware developers who really make owning a Mac all that much more enjoyable.

Abbott Systems