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December 22nd
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Wednesday, December 23rd

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30% Rise In Vendors Showing New Products At MacWorld Expo '99
[3:01 PM] MacWorld Expo released a press release that revealed 65% of attending MacWorld vendors are showing brand new products for the Mac. This is an important number that hints at the impact the iMac is having on the entire Mac industry. Michelle Lifton, PR Spokesperson for IDG Expo told Webintosh, told Webintosh that 65% of vendors showing new products represents a 30% jump from last year's MacWorld Expo San Francisco when some 50% of vendors were showing off new products.

At the same time, there are currently fewer vendor booths at the next Expo than there were last year. 452 booths were purchased last year while this year's show has 418. This number is expected to rise as only those vendors who have fully paid are counted by IDG Expo as official attendees. Ms. Lifton also said she felt more vendors were combing their efforts and sharing booths this year.

The Mac Observer Spin: Last year's numbers were based on respondents of a poll that totaled less than half of all attending vendors. This year's number included responses from some 83% of attending vendors. This is pure speculation on our part, but an increase of respondents hints strongly at vendor attitudes. More new products, happier vendors makes for a much healthier Mac industry.

With product announcements from Steve Jobs, probable iMac sales numbers, as well as what is hopefully another profitable quarter for the company, Apple is poised for yet another surge during the next six months. This should be the best MacWorld Expo to hit in the last 3 or 4 years. Buckle Up!

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