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December 23rd
12:46 PM/CST


Wednesday, December 23rd

OmniGroup Posts Quake II For Rhapsody DR2
[12:46 PM] The OmniGroup has posted a port of Quake 2 for Rhapsody DR2. Right now, this is the closest thing to a Mac version of Quake 2 there is.

This first release of Quake II for Rhapsody DR2 does not support hardware rendering and it requires the Quake 2 maps that come with an authorized CD of Quake 2. According to Andrew Abernathy of the OmniGroup:

"Quake II for Rhapsody DR2 is now available for download from To play, you'll need the Quake 2 levels (either the full levels from the Quake II CD-ROM, or possibly the demo levels from id's web site).

To unpack the .tar.gz file, use the command:

gnutar xzf Quake2.19-1998-12-22-RDR2.tar.gz

This will create"

The OmniGroup did the port and has been working on it from some time. Mr. Abernathy was able to tell us that they just recently found the time to finish it. For those running Rhapsody DR2, this should run absolutely fantastic on your machines. Have fun!

The OmniGroup - id Software