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December 28th
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Monday, December 28th

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Steve Jobs Earns Spot In EBN's Top 25
CMP's Electronic Buyers News has issued its annual list of the Hot 25 list of executives who made their mark on the electronics industry this year. This year's list includes Steve Jobs among its ranks. According to EBN:

"Jobs has stemmed the gush of red ink at Apple by ending licensing agreements with clone makers, refocusing the company's product lineup, and restructuring operations."

EBN does not base their poll (which is not ranked, but simply includes the Top 25 in no particular order) on who is garnering the most headlines, the company looks for executives who can make good decisions under fire and effect a change on their companies and the industry as a whole.

We pulled these excerpts from EBN's special profile Mr. Jobs:

  • “One of his strengths is his intolerance of incompetence,” said Richard Doherty, director of research at the Envisioneering Group Inc., Seaford, N.Y. “He’s also the fastest decision-maker I’ve ever met. In business you have to make decisions, and you only have to be right 50% of the time,” Doherty said. “Steve Jobs [makes those decisions], and he’s right more than 50% of the time. That’s why he’s successful.”
  • “When he returned, morale was the lowest I’ve ever seen it,” says Tim Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies Inc. “He saw the holes and extracted what he thought was cancerous. He gave Apple employees a reason to be there. He gave them hope, and ultimately showed them how to turn the company around.”
  • "Despite the challenges he faces, analysts are confident Jobs will succeed, particularly in dealing with suppliers. When new components come out, for example, Jobs typically calls the top executives of those companies to learn more about the devices, according to Doherty. “He wants to make sure the company can survive and wants to deliver the tools his customers need,” Doherty said. “He can call companies like Motorola or IBM and talk to them right away. There are few executives in the OEM space that have the clout Jobs does.”

The Entire Hot 25 List
Prakash C. Agarwal, NeoMagic Corp. Bruce Anderson, Fujitsu PC Corp.
Paul E. Andrews Jr., TTI Inc. Philippe Anglaret, Framatome Connectors International
Steven R. Appleton, Micron Technology Inc. Michael J. Attardo, IBM Microelectronics
Daniel Carracino, American IC Exchange Morris Chang, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. Ltd.
Michael S. Dell, Dell Computer Corp. Thomas J. Engibous, Texas Instruments Inc.
Greg Frazier, Avnet Integrated Materials Services Kwok Yuen (K.Y.) Ho, ATI Technologies Inc.
Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Inc. Henry T. Nicholas III, Broadcom corp.
Robert S. Pepper, Level One Communications Inc. Henry Samueli, Broadcom Corp.
W.J. Sanders III, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Steve Sanghi, Microchip Technology Inc.
Thomas A. Sansone, Jabil Circuit Inc. Francis M. Scricco, Arrow Electronics Inc.
Felix Zandman, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. Thomas Stallkamp, DaimlerChrysler Corp.
Joseph P. Walker, CTS Corp. James N. Smith, VEBA Electronics' Atlas Services -North America
Raymond D. Zinn, Micrel Semiconductor Inc.

Congratulations to Mr. Jobs and the other 24 executives honored!

The Mac Observer Spin: With 1999 just around the corner, we can expect to see Mr. Jobs continue to win awards and accolades for the remarkable job he and his executive team have done. Too bad Time Magazine missed the boat by naming President Clinton and Kenneth Star as Men of the Year when Mr. Jobs's impact will (hopefully) be felt far longer than theirs. :-)

EBN's Hot 25