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December 30th
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Monday, December 28th

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[2:24 PM]
Reader Reports Buying Myth II From Electronic Boutique

A Mac Observer reader reports being able to buy Myth II from an Electronics Boutique in Seattle Washington. Yesterday Bungie announced it had recalled Myth II due to a serious, but rare, problem with the PC uninstaller that comes with the game. The problem could end up with the crash of a hard drive when the PC user used the uninstaller to uninstall the game from anywhere but the default folder.

While most retailers never even received the game before it was recalled, apparently the Electronic Boutiques chain received theirs but pulled them from the shelves. According to out reader:

"Hello. I have what could be encouraging news regarding Myth II for Mac users. The Electronics Boutique in the Northgate mall in Seattle, WA cheerfully sold me a copy of Myth II yesterday (Wednesday 12/29) when I told them I was Mac user. The salesperson dutifully explained the product recall and the nature of the virus. But when I explained that I wouldn't be using Windows, he practically skipped to the back room and brought a copy out for me. I was as excited as he was. Other Myth II Mac customers should at least ask their software store if there are any copies of the game before they give up entirely.


We contacted the Electronics Boutique in Austin, Tx. and they too had received the game, but were willing to sell it if the buyer signs a waiver. Better hurry, because Bungie Software will likely put a stop to that as soon as they hear. This may be the case with other Electronic Boutiques, so go show them that the Mac gaming market has purchase power!

It is also important to realize that severe damage could occur to any PC user's computer who acquires a game in this method and uses the uninstaller at any point. Unofficial word at Bungie is that they want only version 1.1, which is the correction they are currently pressing, to be in user hands due to the chance of problems occurring.

At the same time, there is nothing wrong with the Mac installer whatsoever. In both cases, there is nothing wrong with the game, only the PC installer.

The Mac Observer Spin: It is with some trepidation that we report this story. Mac users want to get this game in their hands as quickly as possible and the two week delay caused by the recall is somewhat frustrating. Bungie's integrity is involved as well, and they are one of the best assets the Mac community has. So, if you can buy the game, be careful with it. If not, then download the demo from Bungie and enjoy!