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December 30th
12:22 AM/CST


Monday, December 28th

[12:22 PM]
SPSS Ships Update To DeltaGraph

SPSS has announced it is shipping version 4.5 of DeltaGraph. DeltaGraph is a graphics and charting application aimed at people looking to add informational graphics to business and other professional presentations. DeltaGraph allows the export of images directly into popular productivity and design apps. According to SPSS, new features include:
  • Eleven new chart types - With a total of 80+ chart types and 200+ chart styles, DeltaGraph enables users from all industries to clearly tell a story with the right chart for their data.
  • New applications include Excel 98, Microsoft Excel 3.0 - 5.0 and Trapeze.
  • Create press-ready color with PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM(R)
  • New import support allows users to pull graphics from MacPaint, QuickDraw GX (when installed), Adobe Photoshop, Silicon Graphics, GIF, Windows Bitmap, PNG and Targa.
  • This version of DeltaGraph also enables users to export files to QuickTime Image File, Adobe PhotoShop, JPEG and Windows Bitmap
  • DeltaGraph provides AppleScript(R) support. Users can plot a chart from Excel data (or other popular spreadsheet or database applications) and distribute the results with a single command.
  • Additional tools include - enhanced automation features, Apple Navigation Manager, QuickTime 3 and compatibility with MacOS 8.5.

DeltaGraph is available currently for US$299.

SPSS, Inc.