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October 7th
1:21 PM/CST

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Wednesday, October 7th

Dantz Releases Retrospect 4.1 With Internet Backup Built In
[1:21 PM] Dantz has joined the internet backup trend with the newest release of Retrospect 4.1. Retrospect 4.1 includes the ability to perform your backup procedures across the internet to any other provider of internet storage. Retrospect 4.1 also allows the services that Dantz has become famous for, and that is the ability to backup any machine with more traditional methods. Dantz has included a certification program to assist users in selecting a secure storage provider. According to the company's press release:

"A lot of people will not have access to their own Internet Backup Site, so we've created a certification program to assist customers in finding safe and secure Internet storage," said Craig Isaacs, vice president Sales & Marketing for Dantz. Dantz Certification

The criteria for becoming a Dantz Certified Internet Backup Site are stringent. Certified Internet Backup Sites must commit to:

  1. Maintain high standards of quality, security, and customer service.
  2. Maintain an Internet connection fast enough to service all their customers.
  3. Maintain a backup plan that includes daily, rotating, off-site backups.
  4. Keep servers in secure locations with limited card-key access and alarm systems.
  5. Develop a disaster recovery plan.
  6. Monitor servers all day, every day, for downtime and problems.
  7. Maintain UPS systems for continued service during power interruptions.
  8. Use server software and configurations tested and certified by DantzLab."

The Mac Observer Spin: Many people have criticized the lack of a floppy drive in the iMac, but Apple has stated all along that the floppy was useless for most people. Apple also cited the use of the internet as a file transfer method, but many people scoffed at the idea. Steve's vision is proving true, or perhaps his predictions have moved the industry far sooner than it would have on its own. In any case, the internet has seen an explosion of internet hosts who will provide storage space and web page interfaces to access it since the introduction of the iMac. Internet storage is easy to use, is not likely to become corrupted or damaged like a floppy or other removable storage may, and it is completely cross platform and device independent. Our prediction is that the growth and use of these internet storage providers will continue to explode and will see an accelerated growth starting in the 1st quarter of 1999 with mainstream use and acceptance of this new paradigm occurring in the 3rd quarter of 1999.