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October 7th
1:21 PM/CST

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Thursdaysday, October 8th

Millennium Systems Introduces USB xDSL Modem: Not For Mac...Yet
[11:51 AM] Millennium Systems has introduced a new USB modem that uses the xDSL protocol. According to the company's press release:

"The modem can support either the UAWG G.Lite ADSL, a standard now being developed for adoption by the ITU later this year, or the full rate ADSL specified by ANSI T1.413. Rates of up to 8 Mb/s downstream and 768 Kb/s upstream can be achieved, although the actual throughput depends on the length and wire gauge of the local phone line. "

The company says the modem is designed to "support residential and business users who place a priority on ease of installation and use." While this may seem like a Macintosh approach to designing a product, the company currently has no specific plans for Macintosh support. Mark Sanders, Millennium's Director of Engineering, told Webintosh that without having looked at the specs behind Apple's implementation of USB, he felt that it would likely be a simple software change [not requiring modifications to the hardware]. The company is interested in knowing if there is consumer demand in the Mac market for their modem and welcome feedback from Mac users.

The Webintosh Spin: Some members of Millennium's development team are former Mac users who welcome the chance to expand their market with this new modem. The company's business model is centered around OEM manufacturing which could easily lead to Mac company branded version of their product. With Bell Atlantic announcing iMac compatibility with their DSL technology as well as targeting iMac owners in their upcoming DSL advertisements, it is very possible that other providers will soon follow suit. Having more modem options for DSL can only be a good thing. Send your comments to [email protected].

Millenium Systems