April 19th, 1999
[1:49 PM] Best Buy Out...Again. Retailer No Longer Selling iMacs

Our thanks to Observer E. Karsten Smelser who saw this AP report before we did. According to the report, Best Buy will not be selling the 333 MHz iMacs that Apple recently released. The news story M. Smelser sent us:

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) _ Best Buy Co. Inc. will not sell the new iMac computer, protesting Apple Computer's requirement that the retail chain carry all five fruity colors.

Carrying the iMac in blueberry, grape, lime, strawberry and tangerine _ when the company doesn't think its customers want all those colors _ would have created inventory problems, Best Buy spokeswoman Joy Harris said.

Best Buy doesn't want to stock inventory that might not sell, so the company held off from ordering the egg-shaped machines while it tried to reach an agreement with Apple. That leaves CompUSA as the only national retail chain offering the iMac.

Apple retired its old teal-colored iMacs earlier this year.

Although Apple is not the only supplier of iMacs to retailers, the machines cost slightly more if purchased through a distributor that provides the computers in any color or quantity.

We have not been able to confirm this as of yet.

The Mac Observer Spin: Sigh. We have mixed feelings about Best Buy here at The Mac Observer. Their service tends to be poor, but they are in a position to sell a ton of computers. With all the controversy, we won't be sad to see them go as an Apple retailer. It is very possible they are more trouble than they are worth.

They really should be embarrassed that they are the one retail outlet in the world that can't seem to sell an iMac.

On a counter-note, it is possible that Apple will change their position on retailers being able to order less than all five colors offered. We don't think so though.

Thanks to E. Karsten Smelser for giving us the heads up!

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