April 19th, 1999

[12:24 PM] Adobe Announces Support For Apple/QT 4 In Premiere

Adobe has announced support for Apple's upcoming QuickTime 4 in Premiere. Adobe will be releasing a free plug-in for Premiere that will add support for the new multimedia technology that is soon to be released by Apple. According to Adobe:

As a leader in video content creation, Adobe Systems today announced its support for QuickTime 4. Adobe's flagship video editing product, Adobe(R) Premiere(R), will take advantage of a host of new features within QuickTime 4, including impressive new capabilities for video streaming on the Web and native DV editing. This update to Adobe Premiere will be available this summer as a free plug-in for registered customers. Also in this update will be new support for QuickTime effects.

Adobe Premiere ships with dozens of transitions and effects filters to create an impressive variety of visual effects. The new plug-ins for Premiere extend the functionality even further by adding support for the effects built into QuickTime 4. These effects include cool transitions like explosions and implosions, as well as filters like film noise and color balancing. The Premiere user can now add these QuickTime effects to their repetoire of video styling.

The plug-in will be free and will be available from Adobe's Premiere web site. The company expects the product to be available sometime in the summer.