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April 23rd


[11:53 AM]
A Message From Connectix On VGS Situation
Roy McDonald, the President of Connectix, sent us a note about the situation surrounding Virtual Game Station. Yesterday it was announced that a judge had granted a preliminary injunction that prevented Connectix from shipping the PlayStation emulator. The message from Mr. McDonald:

Thanks for republishing our press release- we appreciate the exposure!

The opening sentence of your lead is a little inaccurate (though not in any way damaging to us!) and I thought you'd want guidance for the future. The judge did in fact GRANT a preliminary injunction to Sony against Connectix and this PI is what prohibits us from further shipments of CVGS on Mac or Windows for the time being. We can now seek a stay of this order which would prevent it from taking effect, but we have to seek it from the judge who granted the PI so stays are not common.

An important point for your readers to note is that the product that we have sold into the channel but which has not been purchased by end users (eg. copies on the shelf at computer stores) is still available for purchase. The practical effect of this order will only begin when those supplies run out. We will try to appeal this ruling before that happens but the magnitude of the channel inventory, current run rates, and typical appeal schedules lead us to believe there may be a month or two hiatus. Meanwhile customers can still buy CVGS while supplies last and all of our customers will continue to receive support from Connectix.

Thanks for the correction Mr. McDonald! We wish you the best of luck!