August 3rd, 1999

[10:30 AM]
The Best Halo Movie You Will See (Until Halo Is Released)
At the MACWORLD Expo keynote speech, longtime Mac powerhouse, Bungie Software, introduced their next project called Halo. Halo is the most incredible game that we have ever seen. For those who have watched the keynote speech in streaming QuickTime 4 or RealVideo, or saw our Idiot's Tour QuickTime (Day One) movie, you have gotten a taste of how cool this game is.

However, the Idiots have taken a microscope to their footage from the keynote and put together the absolutely highest quality QuickTime movie of Halo that you will see until Bungie releases their own movie, or the actual game comes out. Also, check out today's column from the Idiot's for more on Halo and new cool Mac gaming stuff.

If you are interested in the future of gaming, you have to see this movie. It is a large movie (almost 18 MB), but that is why it is the best Halo movie you will ever see.

Day Two QuickTime Movie, Large Version