August 5th, 1999

[2:30 PM]
Cheapo-Computer Manufacturer eMachines Joins Ranks Of iMac Rip-offs (With Pic)
Update [2:11 PM on 8/6/99] Further examination and an appropriate poke by Observer Craig Washington made it obvious that the eOne from eMachines is actually the same computer as the e-one from SOTEC. Our apologies to eMachines for suggesting that they couldn't come up with their own name. It appears that in this case, they could not compe up with their own computer.

To give credit where it should go, MacWeek has this actual product shot of the eOne which you can compare to SOTEC's e-one.

Computer Retail Weekly is reporting that dirt-cheap computer pioneer eMachines is ready to release their own iMac rip-off, joining the ranks of Future Power and SOTEC. eMachines' computer will be called the eOne, which in and of itself is not even original as that is the name that SOTEC chose for their knock-off. SOTEC spells it "e-one," so one can assume that is enough originality for eMachines. According to Computer Retail Weekly:

One very curious new product to hit the stores this week is the eMachines eOne, featured on the upcoming cover of Circuit City's Sunday advertising for $399.99 (after, of course, the $400 CompuServe ISP rebate and a $50 eMachines rebate). The eOne is not a stand-out for its product specs, though the computer provides a respectable list of technological characteristics, including an Intel Celeron 433 MHz processor, 64 MB SDRAM, a 6.4 GB hard drive, a 24X Max CD-ROM drive, and a V.90 modem. No, the eOne stands out because anyone glancing at the ad might easily mistake it for an Apple iMac.

This is the only image ot the eOne we could find as the product is not listed on eMachines' web site. This is from the Computer Retailer Weekly article.

The eOne is a very familiar looking all-in-one computer with a colorful case housing a 15" monitor, CPU, and built in speakers. Not only did eMachines avoid the customary hype surrounding the new release of its all-new (can one say original?) product, the company quietly cut an exclusive deal with Circuit City, rumored to last 60 days. Perhaps that's because the company feared that its fate might be similar to another company who made the mistake of throwing a coming-out party for its iMac lookalike.

The eOne appears only to come in one color, so this might help eMachines case should there be an Apple suit filed against the company. To further enhance the controversy, eMachines is currently enmeshed in a suit filed initiated by Compaq.

Computer Retail Weekly also reports that eMachines will be marketing the computers exclusively through longtime antic-Mac bastion Circuit City. Computer Retail Weekly has put together a great article, and rather than simply repeat the entire thing here, we encourage you to read it.

The Mac Observer Spin: Prepare for another law suit from Apple. The Wintel hegemony is mired in a pathetic puddle of their own mediocrity.