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August 10th, 1999

[4:15 PM]
Newer Technology Lowers Prices, Discontinues Some Products
Newer Technology has lowered the prices on their line of G3 processor upgrades and canceled some of their existing products. The price drops range from US$50 to US$150. According to Newer Technology:

Newer Technology, Inc. today announces price cuts on a number of G3 processor upgrades. In addition, a few existing products will no longer be produced.

MAXpowr G3 PDS 6100 240-266MHz $399 $349 -$50
MAXpowr G3 PDS 71/81 240-266MHz $499 $399 -$100
MAXpowr G3 PDS 71/81 266-300MHz $599 $549 -$50
MAXpowr G3 300/1MB/200 $549 $449 -$100
MAXpowr G3 400/1MB/200 $799 $649 -$150
MAXpowr G3-G3 400/1MB/200 $729 $599 -$130
MAXpowr G3 L2 300/1MB/200 $599 $459 -$40
MAXpowr G3 L2 400/1MB/200 $829 $779 -$50

The MAXpowr G3-L2A and MAXpowr G3-L2B G3 upgrades that install into the Level 2 cache slot have been combined into a single product named "MAXpowr G3-L2".

The MAXpowr G3-L2 works in all of the computers covered by these original two products:

  • Power Mac 4400, 4400 DOS, 7220 (international), 5400, 5500, 6400, 6500;
  • Performa 5400, 5410, 5420, 5430, 5440, 6360, 6400, 6410, 6420;
  • UMAX C-500, C-600;
  • Power Computing PowerBase (all);
  • all Motorola StarMax 3000, 4000, 5000, 5500;
  • APS M*Power series (all).

The current production of BookEndz docking stations include the 1998 PowerBook G3 as well as the 1999 PowerBook G3. BookEndz for previous PowerBooks are no longer in production but may be in stock at some Newer Technology dealers.

In addition to the price cuts on MAXpowr G3 processor upgrades, Newer Technology has discontinued production of NUpowr G3 upgrades for PowerBook 1400 and 2400. Newer Technology has also ceased production of the VIEWpowr 1400/16 video card for the PowerBook 1400. Demand for PowerBook upgrades has steadily declined over the last few months fueling these product line changes. The introduction of the new iBook provides an updated alternative to the older PowerBooks for those users who are looking for options for increased performance.

The supply of NUpowr G3 1400 has been exhausted and the supply of NUpowr G3 2400 is nearly gone. While VIEWpowr and older BookEndz products are no longer being produced, they may still be in stock at some Newer Technology dealers and Mac users are encouraged to seek out the remaining stock by shopping around. Shopping assistance can be found on the Newer Technology website by looking under "Where To Buy".

Newer Technology

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