August 12th, 1999

[3:50 PM]
New Call Waiting USB Modem Introduced For The Mac
Actiontec Electronics has introduced a USB modem for the Mac that allows the user to choose whether or not to take a call on a phone line and retain an Internet connection if the phone call is terminated in a few seconds. According to Actiontec:

Tired of missing important phone calls while you're journeying into the nether reaches of cyberspace? Fed up with the kids tying up your phone line while they chat with their friends, surf the Net or play online games? Actiontec Electronics' 56K USB Call Waiting Modem for PCs and Macs saves the day -- and saves you the expense of a second line, too.

Using the Call Waiting service available on most telephone systems, this first-of-its-kind modem notifies you whenever a call comes in, then allows you to either ignore the call or interrupt your surfing session to pick up the phone. If you hang up within about 7 seconds, your Internet connection will be intact, so you can resume your online activities without having to log in again. No missed calls. No aggravation.

There's no need to open your computer to install the modem, either. Just plug it into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port available on most newer machines, and you're up and running. It's hot swappable, so you can plug it in or remove it to replace it with a printer or any other USB peripheral device without turning off your system. It works with USB-equipped desktops as well as laptops.

The Actiontec USB modem also allows you to send and receive faxes, set up voice mail, retrieve voice mail remotely, and automatically page yourself when you receive a new message. Also included are trial Internet phone software and a bonus CD-ROM with free trial subscriptions from leading Internet service providers, virtual office and speed reading software, and more.

The Actiontec 56K USB Call Waiting Modemis priced at US$129.95. The company also provides a five-year limited warranty, free technical support, and will allow future software updates to be downloaded directly from the Actiontec Web site.

The unit can be purchased directly from Actiontec's online store and national retailers.

Actiontec Electronics