August 17th, 1999

[2:00 PM]
Bare Bones Releases BBEdit Lite 4.6
Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit Lite 4.6. The anticipated update to this freeware text editor brings several new features. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce an update to the premier free text editor for MacOS, BBEdit Lite 4.6. This new version of the hugely popular editor is ready for immediate download.

Among the most visible improvements in version 4.6 are an enhanced Hard Wrap command, the ability to assign key equivalents to all of BBEdit Lite's menu commands via the "Set Menu Keys" option, and support for extended grep search special characters. In addition, BBEdit Lite 4.6 benefits from numerous other interface and performance tweaks.

Text searching has always been a key feature of both BBEdit and BBEdit Lite. Users can search across multiple files with BBEdit Lite, making it a snap to find just the information they want, while Unix-style "grep" pattern searching is available to aid in more complex searching tasks.

While still only about a megabyte in size, BBEdit Lite 4.6 can edit and handle text in ways that most larger, more unwieldy applications cannot. It also has a low appetite for RAM, so it's always there when you need it.

For even more text processing options, BBEdit Lite includes support for the BBEdit plug-in architecture. A number of useful plug-ins that automate common text conversion tasks are included with the freeware package. Third party plug-ins are also available to handle even more editing tasks.

You can find more information and download links for this product at the company's web site.

Bare Bones Software