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August 31st, 1999

[Last Updated At 12:38 PM]
Live Seybold Keynote Coverage
[12:38 PM] This remarkable keynote is now finished.

[12:34 PM] Steve Jobs is introducing the "ultimate companion" to the G4. It is called The Apple Cinema Display. A 22" LCD flat panel display! It has a viewable are as large as a 24" CRT. It is the largest flat panel display ever. It is remarkably thin and has a tiny footprint. The resolution is 1620 x 1024. This is an impressive looking monitor! The Seybold crows loves it! This is every Macgeek's wet dream. :-) The display will be priced at US$3999 and it will be available in October. Citing limited quantities, it will only be available through the Apple Store and only when bundled with a new 450 MHz or 500 MHz G4.

[12:30 PM] John Warnock, Chairman of Adobe, just came out and talked about how cool the G4 is. It was a nice tribute. Steve Jobs is also showing the new commercials for the G4.

[12:20 PM] A scientist named Dr. Krandall (sp?) demonstrated the SETI@home project going at blazing speeds on a G4. He is going through some other super-computer related scientific demos including rotating a "galaxy" of 30,000 stars on a G4 vs. a Pentium III. A nice demo, though strangely out of place at Seybold. That said, Apple gets kudos from us for involving science in their demo!

[12:15 PM] During a QuickTime MPEG compression test, Phil and Steve demonstrated the G4 doing REALTIME compression! Amazing. The Pentium III did the compression rates at a little more than twice as long.

[12:10 PM] Phil Schiller is now demoing the new G4. He is doing a Photoshop demo vs. a new 600 MHz Pentium III. The G4, of course, blew it away, finishing the project in 1/2 the time.

[12:07 PM] The new G4 will come in 400, 350, and 500 MHz models! The 400 MHz versions are available today! The 450 models will be available in a few weeks to be followed by the 500 MHz version! This is great!

[12:05 PM] The new G4 is a silver, clear, and a new gray color called Graphite! It looks beautiful! Much more professional than the G3!

[12:04 PM] Faster PCI, Ultra IDE hard drives, faster bus speed, AGP 2X graphics slot, FireWire, and AirPort are all a part of the new G4 product line!

[12:01 PM] Steve Jobs says that the G4 is up to 2.94 times faster than the latest Pentium III (presumably running at the same clock speed).

[11:59 AM] AltiVec is now called The Velocity Engine. The G4 has a peak performance of 4 Gigaflops per second. The Velocity Engine will be able to do up to 4 instructions per cycel (incredible!).

[11:58 AM] Steve Jobs has officially introduced the G4!

[11:57 AM] Steve Jobs said he is making the Desktop Line faster! WooooHooooooo!!!! He is calling it a Super Computer and suggesting it will do a billion operations per second (a Gigaflop).

[11:56 AM] Steve Jobs is now talking about the Pro Desktop line and said he had some "fun news!"

[11:51 AM] Steve Jobs is now demonstrating AirPort (once again, the same demo from MACWORLD NY).

[11:48 AM] Steve Jobs has announced that 140,000 pre-orders have ALREADY been received. This doesn't count the Japanese market which has not started accepting pre-orders yet! He also reiterated the mid-September shipping date.

[11:46 AM] Steve Jobs is now demonstrating the iBook. This is the same demo from MACWORLD NY.

[11:44 AM] Steve Jobs is talking about all the new products that have been introduced during the last year. Ozzy Osborne (you HAVE to love that name) from IBM is demoing IBM's ViaVoice. In more humor, Ozzy's assistant introduced himself as Alice Cooper. :-) His demo of voice recognition was pretty fantastic. He spoke at almost normal speed and dictated a short letter which he then transferred to Word. All with his voice. Very cool.

[11:41 AM] Steve Jobs seems to be getting to the good stuff now. He is reviewing the product lines, talking about the iMac and the iBook, and hopefully prepping us for the new G4s. :-)

[11:38 AM] Phil Schiller is now demonstrating the new AppleScript. Steve and Phil have announced that AppleScript will run over TCP/IP. This was much appreciated by the Seybold crowd. His demonstration includes working his machine at his house from the Seybold floor across an Internet connection. He has activated an AppleScript that is prepping a document for him. The crowd loved it! This is a great feature for the publishing world.

[11:33 AM] Phil Schiller is now demonstrating Sherlock II.

[11:30 AM] Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs are demonstrating the voice recognition password capabilities. This is VERY cool, both from a Gee-Whiz and a real-world consideration.

[11:28 AM] Mr. Jobs has announced built in encryption into OS 9. Also, MacOS 9 will have built-in updating features so that the OS can be updated over the Internet.

[11:27 AM] Steve Jobs has announced built-in voice pattern password protection! This is part of the new user settings in OS 9.

[11:24 AM] Steve Jobs is back on stage and demonstrating OS 9. He says that Apple's goal is to make OS 9 your Internet guide. He has launched into the demo for Sherlock II (once again, the same demo from MACWORLD NY, so far).

[11:22 AM] Phil Schiller is demonstrating QuickTime TV. Currently we are watching the trailer for a "good film," Toy Story 2 on the Disney Channel. Phil drew laughter by introducing it. :-)

[11:16 AM] For those familiar with the QuickTime presentation from MACWORLD NY, today's QuickTime presentation is basically the same thing. Currently, we are visiting Weird Al Yankovich's web site.

[11:12 AM] Steve is talking about QuickTime. HE says that 450 Terabytes of Star Wars trailers have been downloaded. Truly amazing. He is also talking about QuickTime Streaming.

[11:10 AM] Steve Jobs has been introduced. He is currently discussing Apple's financial results including profits, cash, and inventory.

[11:05 AM] We are currently waiting for the keynote to start. We will be bringing you live updates as they happen!

QuickTime Streaming Event From Seybold

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