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January 7th
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Thursday, January 6th

[9:00 AM]
Hot Tidbits From The Expo Floor
As our own Dave Hamilton, Business Manager of The Mac Observer, and John F. Braun of Monday's Mac Gadget, wander the Expo Floor we are compiling this page of informational tidbits. This page will be added to throughout the day, so bookmark it and check back often.

[Added 3:30 PM]

Castlewood. The Orb was displayed and looked very impressive. The Orb is a removable media drive with 2.2 GB in capacity. The company will have 4 different flavors including EIDE, SCSI, Firewire, and USB. The SCSI model will be released in early February awhile the other 3 versions will be released sometime in the 2nd quarter of 1999. The units will be priced at US$199.95 with the disks priced at only US$29.95.

Asante was demonstrating their new gigabit Ethernet products. Transfer rates were out of this world fast.

Pedagoguery was demonstrating their new product called Year 2000 Software Audit. This product will scour your hard drive and compare it to a database it has of vendor information. Once that comparison has been made, the software will tell you if your computer is Y2K compliant and help you update any offending programs that have Y2K updates.

From The Really Cute Department
Our reporters saw a display of Apple watches that will tickle the fancy of Mac lovers everywhere. Check them out at

SCSI On Your iMac
Second Wave demo'd SCUSBEE, a SCSI to USB converter. Plug it into a USB port and your external SCSI device and you are good to go. Even more interestingly, the company hinted that it would have a Firewire to SCSI converter to help those interested in using their old SCSI devices on their new Yosemite machines. Expect that in two months.

[Added 9:00 AM]

The brand new Stuffit Deluxe 5.0.2 updater speeds up the engine immensely. Also - DropStuff with Expander Enhancer 5.0 will be out within a week. Our sources tell us they wanted to get it right which is why they've held it for so long. Look for release information here at The Mac Observer.

MRJ 2.1
The final release of MRJ 2.1 will hit in the next few weeks. EA3 (Early Access version 3) is the last EA release. The team is spending their time working on the final release instead of another EA.

SGI Flat Panel Monitors
SGI is demonstrating some extremely cool flat panel monitors. The units are currently only available for the PC, but SGI tells us Mac drivers will be available within 60 days. The units come bundled with their own custom 128-bit video card to drive them.

Quake II Being Demo'd
Quake II is being demo'd but we have no confirmation on how soon it will be released

Tomb Raider Gold
Tomb Raider Gold is also being demoed, also with no confirmation on release dates. II is being demo'd but we have no confirmation on how soon it will be released

Oni Looks Awesome
Our boys at Bungie West are demoing their next release called Oni. Oni is a 3rd person action title and both Dave and John say the game looks incredible. They are going to try and bring us a comparison between Oni and Tomb Raider Gold later.

Douglas Adams Shows Off Starship Titanic
While our people haven't seen the game per se, Douglas Adams is showing off Starship Titanic for the Mac! This hotly anticipated title came out for the PC last year as Mr. Adam's company looked for funding from the PC release to finance Mac development.

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