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July 6th, 1999

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[7:00 AM]
Steve Jobs to speak at Seybold Seminars in August
Ziff-Davis announced that Seybold Seminars, will be held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, August 30 - September 3, 1999. Steve Jobs will speak at a special keynote session on Tuesday, August 31st. According to Ziff-Davis:

Three separate conferences will be offered at Seybold San Francisco 99 in order to address the distinct print and web publishing industries. They include:

  • The Web Conference
  • Best Practices for Print Publishing Conference
  • Publishing Strategies Conference

In addition to its extensive educational offerings, Seybold San Francisco 99 will become the gathering place for the web and print publishing communities. More than 300 exhibitors, including companies focusing on audio and animation for the web, color management, data management, digital delivery, online publishing, on-demand printing, PDF, and workflows will showcase and demonstrate their new products and services to nearly 35,000 qualified networking and communication buyers.

The Seybold San Francisco 99 keynote lineup will include both conference keynotes and a special keynote on Tuesday, August 31st by Steve Jobs, Chairman and CEO of Pixar and interim CEO, Apple Computer, Inc.

Other Highlights for Seybold San Francisco 99 include:

  • Buyers Club
  • Hot Picks
  • Eight Special Interest Days, including:
    • Digital Imaging Day
    • Enabling the Web for the 21st Century
    • Design at the Millennium
    • Strategies for Special Interest Web Producers
    • PDF Day
    • On-Demand Printing: Today, Tomorrow and the Day After Tomorrow
    • Color Production Day
    • Asset Management Day
  • On-Demand Printing and Variable-Workflow Pavilions
  • Adobe Partner Pavilion
  • Intel Developer Pavilion
  • XML Showcase
  • Association Alley
  • New Type Gallery
  • Digital Atelier

The Mac Observer Spin: As we have learned since Mr. Jobs took the helm at Apple in 1997, he usually uses Keynotes as an opportunity to announce new products or other momentous events at Apple. With the recent rumors of delays in the schedule of the P1, perhaps this will be where Apple "rolls out" the P1. However, our favorite prediction would be faster Blue & White G3s with a big possibility of new G4s being announced. It could even be hoped, though it is doubtful, that Mr. Jobs could announce Blue & White models with more than 3 PCI slots. Blue & White PowerMacs are ideal for this market. Hey, doesn't Blue & White G4s sound pretty good? YOU BET IT DOES! ;-)

Seybold Seminars

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