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July 9th, 1999

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[7:30 AM]
Fractal Domains Updated With Features
Fractal Domains, the fractal generation program, has been updated with several new features under the moniker of version 1.3.2. According to Fractal Domains:

Fractal Domains generates color images of the most popular fractal, the Mandelbrot set, and also generates images of the associated Julia sets. Fractal Domains features include:

  • Generation of Mandelbrot and Julia sets
  • Generation of fractals based on any rational function
  • Generation of Newton and Halley fractals
  • Editable color maps
  • Options for generating dwell values
    • Escape Time
    • Continuous Potential
    • Angular Decomposition
    • Distance Estimation
  • Orbit Trap Fractals, including
    • Stalks (cross- shaped orbit trap)
    • Imaginary or Real Stalks
    • Circular
    • Square
  • Options for dividing fractals into regions with distinct color maps.
  • Window showing preview of Julia images in real time.
  • Professional features for quality image generation including:
    • Full support for 24-bit color images.
    • Image rendering with anti-aliasing.
    • Spooling large images to disk
    • (allows generation of images too large to fit into RAM).
    • Export images in PICT, PNG, TIFF or JPEG format.
  • A full manual and many sample parameter files are included.

Version 1.3.2 adds the following features:

  • Images can now be saved in JPEG and TIFF format (PICT and PNG formats were already supported in previous versions).
  • A "tiling" feature automatically divides very large images into smaller tiles according to the specifications of the user. This allows extremely large images to be generated in more manageable pieces. Additionally, this facilitates the generation of large fractal images on multiple computers. Once an image is divided into tiles, the tiles can be moved to different machines and generated in parallel.
  • Other convenience features for the generation of large image files have been added.

More information on Fractal Domains v1.3.2 can be found at the company's web site. The update is free to registered users. The Full Version is priced at US$20.

Fractal Domains

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