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July 14th, 1999


[10:00 AM]
Apple To Launch An Apple Store In Canada Soon
Report by Michael Munger
Sources in retail circles in Canada have informed us that Apple is about to launch a Canadian version of its Apple Store, probably at It should be announced at MacWorld NY or shortly before. It may seem like a rumor for now, but it would be logical for Apple to make this step at this time, now that the US, Asian and European stores sell Macs throughout the world.

The customer relations department at Apple Canada confirmed that the Apple Store is in the works in Canada but refused to give any specific date. A few other resellers contacted confirmed that they heard about it but had no further details.

Again, the build-to-order system would be offered and educational users would have the opportunity to purchase Macs and software at lower prices, and this certainly scares some Canadian resellers because this would take sales away from them.

The Mac Observer Spin: This is good for Canadian users if it happens! They have been waiting for an Apple Store with its build-to-order (BTO) system for too long. Many Canadian Mac users have been asking why Apple did not introduce it at the same time as the one in the United States.

They certainly have a good excuse for the delay, because Apple USA and Apple Canada are more separated now than before and the latter does not have the former's size and priority in everything the company does.

The only question mark left concerns the resellers. The Mac sales pie is much smaller in Canada than it is in the US, and it has been shared fairly until now. Apple is going to take a good chunk of it, and it might affect some resellers a lot. Even worse, some might turn to PC's, as one salesman told us.

We just have to hope that an Apple Store in Canada will increase Mac sales in general, not take them away from the ones who advocated the Macintosh in the most difficult years.

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