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July 20th, 1999


[2:45 PM]
MACWORLD Expo: Today's Town Meeting Hints At P1, New Gaming Technologies, And More
[Editor's Note: Our coverage of this year's MACWORLD Expo New York begins today with the Town Meeting hosted by David Pogue, Bob Levitus, and other notable Mac figures. Contributing Editor Kyle D'Addario was on the spot for The Mac Observer]

MACWORLD Expo: New York, NY

If you believe the hype, the P1 is coming.

To start of Macworld NY, David Pogue, Macworld Magazines Desktop Critic, hinted that during tomorrow's key note, Apple's iCEO Steve Jobs will indeed introduce the long awaited consumer notebook.

Some details were even intimated, indicating that it will have a 10" screen, no floppy, and run on a G3/300 processor.

To this point, of course, this is still speculation.

However, joining Pogue on the possibility of the P1 bandwagon were Bob Levitus, Applemaster Jim Ludtke, and Andy Ihnatko.

Levitus joked that there would be a small riot if Jobs does not introduce the consumer notebook, the rumored little cousin to the iMac, and Ihnatko showed off a pen based notebook like computer running an emulated version of the MacOS on and Intel 486 chip. Ihnatko talked about there being a place in the world for the $4,000 G3 notebook but more interestingly said that the "...$900 device would have a place too."

Among other highlights at the Town Meeting, the official kickoff to Macworld Expo, was a demonstration by Applemaster Michael Backis of a 3D engine called "Flight of the Cube." This engine is capable of rendering high quality 3D images, including shadows, translucent light, reflections, and water effects, at "...the maximum speed the monitor can handle." Backis' company, Timeline Studio, is going to incorporate the engine on a game design of a yet to be released Michael Creighton novel.

Based on the demonstration of this technology, 3D gaming may never be the same.

Another product called Studio Artist was announced. Studio Artist promises to alter the way images are created by incorporating "intelligent assisted drawing and painting." Based on neural network research and a software model of the human visual cortex, Studio Artist is capable of generating images from scratch. Studio Artist will ship as of today with a suggested list price of $295.00.