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June 7th, 1999


[11:54 AM]
At Least One Sears Is Kicking Butt!
Observer Steve Conkilin found that his Sears was really embracing the iMac and he sent us a report to prove it! This store has lost of iMacs ready to go, a display unit on, and a helpful staff ready to sell. According to Steve:

Attached is a capture of the iMac display at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, taken Friday 6-4-99. The staff approached me quickly with assistance. The stack of iMac boxes on the wall in the picture gave selection to all the flavors. The iMac was on and the Hal movie was ready to play along with the Star Wars Trailer. The display wasn't finished yet but since it was the first few day(s) I'll give them a break. $1299 and 32 MB RAM installed with Virtual Memory on and set to give the iMac a total of 64 MB. Some other printers were available on the floor in front of the display and minimal software displayed.

Just thought you might be interested.


The Mac Observer Spin: You bet we are interested Steve! It's always great to hear about any location doing a good job with Macs, especially when it is one of the new Sears locations! There have been lots other reports on the different Mac sites about other Sears locations that are embracing the iMac with open arms. It looks like Sears just may be able to do what Best Buy couldn't!

The question of the day is still: How do the execs at Best Buy feel about being the only retail joint in the world incapable of selling iMacs?