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June 8th, 1999


[11:12 AM]
Another Sign: Former Cloner MacTell Declares First Ever Profit
MacTell, former clone maker turned video accelerator and G3 upgrade card manufacturer, has declared their first ever profit. This is a significant announcement as the company has struggled reshaping itself in the year and half since it found its core business stripped. According to MacTell:

June 7, 1999, Austin, Texas / Mactell Corporation, a leading manufacturer of performance enhancement computer products, today announced profitability in May.

The commencement of shipping FireWire mass storage products, "FirePower Peripherals", resulted in profitability for the first time in the company's history. Future growth and profitability appear to be positive as sales booked for shipment in June already exceed total sales for the month of May.

"I see the present growth trend in our markets resulting in a significant and continuing increase in sales throughout the next calendar year," stated Mactell’s CEO, Roy Stocker.

Mactell's award-winning products have been featured in industry magazines, including MacWorld, MacWeek, MacAddict, and MacHome, as well as many international magazines.

Mactell products are available at MacWarehouse, ClubMac, MacMall, MacZone, Cyberian Outpost, and BottomLine Distribution, as well as other distributors and professional Resellers throughout the world.

The Mac Observer Spin: The Mac Observer has had a long relationship with MacTell and we are frankly pleased as punch to see the company declare their first profit. As we mentioned above, changing one's business model is no small feat and MacTell has overcome several other obstacles during the process. The end result is that they are providing an array of fantastic products.

The reason we are including this story in our "Another Sign" series is because only a very healthy Mac market could provide for MacTell to make the transition as well as get to the point where they are profitable. While we are not taking away from MacTell's excellent management efforts, 12 months ago, there were a lot of well-run Mac companies that were not profitable. As with our other Another Sign stories, MacTell's health is a behind-the-scenes barometer of the overall market.

Congratulations to MacTell!