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June 10th, 2000

[2:31 PM]
Marathon Computer Offering Rack Mount Solutions For Blue & Whites G3s
Former Mac Cloner Marathon Computer has developed two products for rack mounting Blue & White G3 towers from Apple. Marathon Computer had a brief stint as a Mac cloner offering rack mounted systems for musicians, lighting professionals, and network administrators who were looking for durable rack mountable systems. With cloning gone, the company has developed two products that allow Blue & White owners to securely mount their computers.

The Power Rack

Marathon Computer presents the smartest solution for those who need the power of a G3 with the flexibility of a rack-mounted system. The PowerRack chassis houses the components of your Power Macintosh G3 in a secure, durable case that will easily fit into industry standard 19" racks. The PowerRack G3 occupies only 4U of rack space, and at only 18" deep it will neatly fit all computer cabinetry. That's not all -- the locking front access panel keeps unauthorized hands off.

You use your workstation in real-world environments, where desktop plastic cases just don't cut the mustard (that's an industry term). The PowerRack's all-metal chassis and shock-absorbing drive cage is more roadworthy than even you are. Every component stays secure and ventilated even during the longest workouts. PowerRacks fit a wide range of installations: server rooms, mobile systems, scientific/laboratory, studios, AV presentations, aerospace, industrial, and severe environments. The PowerRack's unique mounting bracket pins your PCI cards at three points to keep them positioned properly regardless of the computer's orientation. Augment your PowerRack G3 with telescoping side rails, keyboard drawer, and monitor enclosure, and you can take your office on the road in a 15-unit rack.

Got a screwdriver and an hour to spare? If so, you can upgrade your current Power Macintosh workstation into a PowerRack G3 workhorse. The PowerRack G3 is designed for Power Macintosh desktop and midtower versions.

The G•Rack

Marathon Computer presents the simplest solution for those who need the power of a G3 with the flexibility of a rack-mounted system. The G•Rack holds securely to the body of the New G3 for easy installation into industry standard 19" racks.

The G•Rack occupies only 6U of rack space and works equally well with any of the three fixed mounting configurations or the optional telescoping rails.

Installs in minutes! I know, you've heard that before... but installing the G•Rack is as simple as removing the four handles and replacing them with the G•Rack... only eight screws. If you get stuck, just follow the instructions. [Download a PDF of the instructions] Made from aircraft aluminum, the G•Rack is designed to withstand the toughest installations and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The G•Rack is priced at US$225 and the Power Rack is priced at US$499. More information including ordering info can be found at the Marathon Computer web site.

The Mac Observer Spin: The Mac is very dominant in the lighting and music industry. Being able to rack mount a system like the Blue & White is a huge benefit to this sector of the Mac using world. This is especially true of the Power Rack full enclosure. If any of Observers have ever been exposed to life on the road, you know how much wear and tear can take its toll on even the most durable equipment. Marathon Computer has hopefully found a great niche!

Marathon Computer

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