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June 21st, 1999


[12:54 PM]
"Due To Popular Demand," No iMacs Shipping Until Late July
Deal-Mac has pointed out that Apple seems to have run out of iMacs! A notice found at the Apple Store says:

"Due to popular demand, new orders for iMacs will not ship until late July"

That is a stunning turn of events to be sure. This would be the 2nd time in the last 9 months or so that Apple has seriously misjudged the demand on their products.

The Mac Observer Spin: Let's look at this another way too. What other major event is taking place at the end of July? MacWorld Expo New York of course. This announcement probably means that Apple will be rolling out another revision to the iMac line. That could include faster processors, a DVD option, or the infamous new colors that we were told would ship several months ago but have not been seen.

In a ny event, it's not really that good a thing that Apple has run out of product. While it shows the popularity of the li'l computer that could, it also shows that Apple still has production projection problems. Worse yet, customers looking for the computers could turn away from the iMac and go to the Dark Side.

Now to be sure, there is plenty of iMac stock on hand at most of the national retailers including Sears and CompUSA. In fact, these retailers should reap the benefits of this shortage to be sure.

For those consumers who don't have an Apple retailer near them, the wait could prove frustrating and annoying.