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June 28th, 1999


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Boing! 333 MHz iMac #3 Selling Desktop In May!
PC Data has released their hardware Hits List for May and our favorite computer is once again in its rightful place in the Top 5! The iMac is showing up as number 3 as PC Data counts all of the 333 MHz units as one model, no matter what their color. The Top 5 Desktop Computers according to PC Data:

Desktop Computers:

  1. Presario 5070 A6-2/350/MMX 32/4.0 32X 56K W98 Compaq $569.27
  2. Presario 5184 A6-2/380/MMX 64/6 32X 56K DT W98 Compaq $772.82
  3. "iMac G3/333 32/6 24X 56K/NIC All Colors w/15"" Monitor " "$1,153 "
  4. Hewlett-Packard " $1,067.36 "
  5. Pavilion 4445 Cel/366 64/4.3 32X 56K W98 Hewlett-Packard $732.02

In recent months, PC Data had been counting each color, with each processor as a separate product in their tally. This was due to the fact that Apple and her retailers gave each color/processor its own SKU number. At the same time, when the iMac was first introduced, it had one color and one processor. In those days, the iMac was always in the Top 5. Once the candy colors were introduced, the iMac fell out of the Top 5 because no one color/processor model sold in numbers high enough to make it show up. Added up, the numbers show the iMac is still kicking butt!

Also, Apple is the highest priced of the Top desktops.

Congrats Apple!

The Mac Observer Spin: It is interesting to see that Compaq is showing up with three of the Top 5 spots while they simultaneously strive to reach new lows in both price points and profit margins. Uhhhh.... Congrats Compaq...

Another interesting aspect is that it is Apple's highest priced, and fastest iMac that is the cause of this excellent showing. Many reports from those desperately hoping that Apple will still somehow manage to die despite all the current good news has suggested that only the older, less-expensive iMacs were selling well.

Perhaps this is why Apple has had to stop selling iMacs from the Apple Store until July. Well, that and the new revision they will likely introduce. :-)

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