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May 10th, 1999

[11:52 AM] WWDC Coverage: Introduction, New PowerBooks, Sears, And 1st Mention Of P1
by Bryan Chaffin

The Keynote Speech at the WWDC is underway and we have coverage. These notes are being presented in note form, so bear with us. :-)

To open the event, Hal welcomed us. Better yet, he asked to observe. According to Apple:

HAL is based on massive code created in Redmond Washington. Doesn't think his programmers did enough on his communication skills. He was updated in 1995. Wants to watch... but redmond is shutting him down... oh no!

There are 2500 paid attendees at this year's event and that represents a 40% increase over last year! Good news indeed!

There have been 3106 mac apps since introduction of iMac! Wow! After announcing this, Mr. Jobs gave a very hearty thanks to developers.

Dragon Systems brings speech recognition to the Mac! The technology was co-developed with Apple! This is a very important development. The Dragon Systems spokesperson said the product would be released by the end of year.

Mr. Jobs talked about Apple's onhand inventory. While the company used to have 30 days of inventory on hand, they ended last quarter with 1 day of inventory. They also beat DELL as far as operations go according to Apple. Apple is the most operationally efficient company out there.

Regarding the P1, Mr. Jobs said the Consumer Portable announced later this year.

MR. Jobs told the crowd that "Lifesavers" was internal code name for colored iMac's.

Who's buying iMacs:

  • 32% are 1st time computer buyers
  • 13% Wintel converts
  • 45% of iMacs are new Mac users


  • 49% are 1st time computer buyers
  • 89% of iMac users are connected to the internet!
  • 75% of iMac users connected 1st day
  • 87% of iMac users say iMac is primary access device
  • 79% of iMac users are first time internet users

Sears has officially been added to distribution channel (reaching 32 million households). 52% of sears computer buyers are 1st time computer buyers. The Sears roll out will be launched over memorial day weekend.

New PowerBook Information:

  • PowerBooks
  • 14.1 inch display
  • DVD drive
  • Desktop Speed - 333 & 400 MHz
  • Bytemarks double and almost triple the speed of Wintel
  • Battery Life 3.5 hrs (real life battery life - 5 hours with 1 battery, 2 batteries=10) Means you can watch all of Austin Powers on one battery! Heck you can watch it twice!
  • 20% thinner and lighter.
  • 400 MHz units - 1024k cache DVD 6GB 64MB modems, 100MB ethernet, USB 3499
  • 333 MHz units - 512k cache

Apple is giving away the new PowerBooks to developers at WWDC! 50 of the 400 MHz units will be given given away, one every hour. That's cool!

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