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May 10th, 1999

[12:36 PM] WWDC Coverage: OpenGL Final, MRJ 2.1.2, And QuickTime
by Bryan Chaffin

Our coverage of the Keynote at the WWDC continues with news on OpenGL, a brand new version of MRJ, and some QuickTime data.


The final version of OpenGL is shipping today! Download the drivers for free at

Apple Vice President Phil Schiller gave a demo (and a great testimony) for XPlane GL. The game looks beautiful, even on a Quicktime Stream, so the game must look incredible!


Apple released MRJ 2.1.2. According to Apple it is the fastest java ever. It is also completely compatible with 1.1.7 of JDK. It is 5 times faster than the previous version of MRJ (7000 caffeine marks), but still slower than current Windows release (8600 caffeine marks), but Apple is still working on making it faster. G3/400 still beat PIII/500 in a Java2d test. ("PC's making sure you don't miss anything" -- Steve after Mac finished 1st.)


  • 10 million downloads of Star Wars trailer.
  • Biggest Internet Event Ever.
  • Most people chose the 25MB version, regardless of connection speed. (that means 200 terabytes of downloaded data)
  • 1 million downloads of the beta player in the 1st two weeks.
  • Apple announced they had bundled QT server with OS X Server, open source streaming server software as well. (It can be downloaded and compiled to be used with Linux, NT, etc.)
  • "Quicktime owns the non-streaming space on computers."
  • Added NPR to Quicktime Content.
  • Streamed Star Wars trailer

More coverage coming soon.

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