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May 25th, 1999

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[11:58 AM]
Powerlogix Releases New Cache Control Utility
Powerlogix has released G3 Cache Profiler, their controller utility for G3 upgrade cards. The new version includes features from two other Powerlogix utilities. According to Powerlogix:

G3 Cache Profiler is the all-in-one reporting and configuring software solution for any G3 upgrade card or PowerMac G3 computer. G3 Cache Profiler is an application that combines the best features of the popular control panel utility from PowerLogix, G3 Cache Control, with the features of PowerLogix's SpeedMeter&Mac250; application.

Other features exclusive to G3 Cache Profiler include control over dynamic power management, speculative addressing, and Linux compatibility. The first two options are for full compatibility with computers that originally shipped with 60x processors. This allows those computers, when upgraded with G3 processors, to have full compatibility and functionality as compared to Power Macintosh G3 models.

G3 Cache Profiler offers settings for full compatibility with Adaptec 29040UW (including bootup with v2.5 firmware), Dantz Retrospect, Cubase, Media 100, Matrox video cards, and other hardware and software.

G3 Cache Profiler also includes the G3 Cache Profiler INIT which automatically configures the computer on restart for optimum G3 operation.

The complete feature list of G3 Cache Profiler includes:

  • Easy to use installer
  • Familiar user interface for easy operation
  • Overview of processor type, speed, temperature, and version number
  • Overview of backside cache size & speed, motherboard cache size
  • Overview of motherboard info: machine ID, model name, and bus speed
  • Report of backside cache SRAM type
  • Selection of backside cache ratio, reported in MHz and as a ratio to
  • Current status of backside cache (enabled/disabled)
  • On-the-fly enable/disable of backside cache
  • Current L2CR register contents
  • Option to enable cache on restart
  • Current status of motherboard cache (enabled/disabled)
  • On-the-fly enable/disable of motherboard cache
  • Status of speculative access (enabled/disabled)
  • Option to disable speculative access on restart
  • On-the-fly enable/disable of speculative access
  • Status of dynamic power management (enabled/disabled)
  • Option to disable dynamic power management on restart
  • On-the-fly enable/disable of dynamic power management
  • Status of Linux Bootx, and Bootx Prefs
  • Option to configure Bootx on restart
  • On-the-fly configuration of Bootx
  • Cache size and speed indicator on bootup
  • Web-based online help

The G3 Cache Profiler is a free utility and can be downloaded from the company's web site.


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